Welcome Email / Text – Default Settings

*For Free Accounts this Page is Shown for Demonstration Purposes Only.
Visitor details will be sent to your email address as they occur.

Free vs Paid Comparison

These settings will become your default Welcome Email and/or Text settings.When adding or editing a new Property for an Open or Event, these settings will show on the Welcome Email / Text for that property.
You can then edit those settings there to allow a ‘Unique Welcome Email or Text’ for the property.

Welcome Emails/Texts are Sent Instantly to Visitors After they Register.
Make sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom of this section to save your changes. To Test the Welcome Email, Scroll to the Bottom of the Page to the Test App.

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Test the Welcome Email

Enter the name and email address you want to use for the test, then Click TEST.
Choose REGULAR to test a regular welcome email or COOP to test a COOP Welcome Email. (Co-Branded)

For COOP, 1st Add & Activate a COOP Partner. (On the ADVANCED/COOP PARTNERS Tab)
IMPORTANT: After activating a partner, reload this page before testing the COOP Welcome Email.

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