2022 Text & QR Code Flyers

Text & QR Code Visitor Registration Flyers

Checkout how they work and the designs available.

Below are examples of each type of Flyer we offer. On the left is the Individual Agent Flyer, in the middle is the COOP Flyer (for partnering with a Loan Officer or other agent at an Open) and on the right is the Team Flyer. (The Team Flyer automatically shows the Team Logo and info)

Text and QR Code Visitor Registration Flyers

How the QR Code / Text Flyers work for Visitor Registration

Each QR Code Text Flyer contains a large QR Code as well as a Toll Free number with a Text 'Code' that visitors can use to register for the open house by either Texting the code to the toll free number or scanning the QR Code.

Visitors will appreciate the easy Open House Texting / QR Code Sign In app.

Where to start with the QR Code / Text Flyers

1st of all login to your Open House Wizard account.  From there you can generate a Flyer  with just a couple clicks.  See our Help page for more information.

Once generated the flyer will be sent to your email address. After receiving the flyer, print it out and display it at your open house for visitors to use for registration. 

During the Open House

Login to Open House Wizard on your Smartphone and from there you can monitor Visitor Registrations and even add comments and edit visitor information.


How the Flyer Registration Process Works

QR Ciode and Text Flyers, How they work




Flyer Styles & Color Available

Broker names are provided to point out similar matching colors.
These flyer designs can work with any Broker and of course you can add your own custom flyer with our Custom Flyer Add-on as well.

Below are examples of our flyer designs and color combination using the Individual Agent Flyer.  These colors and designs are also available for the COOP & Team Flyers.

Custom Flyers are also available for Agents, Teams & Brokers to be able to use their own custom flyer.  The process for those is the same, just a couple clicks and the custom flyer is generated and sent to your email. 

To order the Custom Flyer Add-on CLICK HERE.