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  • Q. What are your support hours?

    • A. Our support hours are 7 Days a week from 10am - 7pm EST.  (Yes even during Open House Hours!)

  • Q. How does this service work?

    • A. Register Visitors Instantly from their Smartphones using our QRCODE / Text PDF Flyers.  These Flyers can be generated in a minute or two with just a few clicks. Display it at your Open House and Visitor Sign-Ins will show on your Smartphone.

    • B. Login then Click 'Run an Open House' and the Visitor Sign-Ins will be sent to your email as they happen & will show on your Smartphone.

      Of course you can also do much more than that, you can totally customize your branding, images and colors for the sign-in pages.

      We can setup a connection to your CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service that allows the information from your Open House sign-ins to go directly to your CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service.

      You can use our awesome 1-Click Drip Email Campaigns that will automatically be sent to each Visitor, and much, much more.

  • Q. Is this a year long contract or month to month?

    • A. We offer a choice of either month to month or annual, the annual option saves you money

  • Q. What if I want to cancel?

    • A. You can use our Free version for as long as you like before deciding to order or not.

  • Q. What if my CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service I use is not listed?

    • A. We are constantly working on adding more CRMs or Email/Lead Marketing Services to our list, send us an email and we'll let you know when yours is added

  • Q. I see my CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service listed but don't know how to find my 'API' code?

    • A. Just send support an email.

  • Q. My CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service is on the list, but instead of an API code it uses a unique lead forwarding email address, can I use that and how do I find that address?

    • A. Please send it to support and we can add it for you.

  • Q. How long before my CRM Version or Email Version account is ready to use?

    • A. For the email version it is ready instantly.  For the CRM Version, you can use it right away with Sign Ins going to your email first.  It can take from 1-24 hours to fully setup your account and test it but is usually complete within a couple hours from signup and then the Sign Ins will go LIVE to your CRM.

  • Q. How can I upload my own logo?

  • Q. I'm having trouble with the way my headshot and/or large image/logo displays and uploading my logo?

    • A. The ideal logo would be square and 300x260px in size, the best formats to use is .jpg, Having said this, other sizes and other formats may still work but I'd recommend uploading those and testing to get the kind of look you want.  The size limit is 1000x1000px, so if your logo is larger than that it will not upload correctly

  • Q. I forgot my password, help!?

    • A. You can click the 'Forgot Password' link on the login form or send an email to our support guys and they'll fix you up!

  • Q. Can I change the text on the open house page?

    • A. Yes! You can use the 'My Account' link from the menu above then click the 'Advanced Dashboard' then Customize

  • Q. My Ipad pushes the open house sign-in submit button below the screen how can I fix that?

    • A. 1st of all you should follow the couple easy steps to make sure your Ipad runs the Open House Sign In page in FULL Screen mode, Click here for instructions

  • Q. When using an Ipad the onscreen keyboard blocks part of the sign-in screen, what can I do about that?

    • A. We HIGHLY, HIGHLY (did I mention HIGHLY?) recommend using an external Ipad keyboard and/mouse for your Open House Sign-Ins, it makes the sign-in process much easier for visitors and is well worth the couple bucks, trust us on that one...

  • Q. How come there is no App for an Iphone or Android Phone?

    • A. Although you 'can' run your Open House Sign In page on an Iphone or Android phone we believe because of the tiny screen sizes that smartphones are not really a good way to conduct an Open House Sign-In page so we do not offer an App right now, but we do work quite well with Apple Ipads, Macbooks and Macs as well as with Android Tablets.

  • Q. I have suggestions for improving the sign-in page can I send them to you?

    • A. Yes, we are always looking for ways to improve this service so all suggestions are welcomed

  • Q. We have a large team, can we have a custom sign-in page& multiple account licenses?

    • A. It is quite possible to do that, so contact us with your specific requirements

  • Q. Do you offer brokerage licenses so that all of our agents can get access to this service through our agreement?

    • A. We do not have a specific program in place to do this but it is quite possible to setup an arrangement of this kind, contact us with your specific requirements and we'll see what we can do