2021 – Features Page

2021 – Features Page – Open House Wizard

Open House Wizard Features

ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS Now Include a minimum of 2 Licenses.
For Individual AGENTS it's a Buy 1 & Get 1 FREE!


The Open House Wizard Sign In Page service offers a ton of customization features and capabilities...

You See Results 'LIVE' in 'Real-Time'... When somebody Signs In to Your Open they See the Welcome Email Instantly on their Smartphone.  View the Sign In Details Instantly (not after the Open) & (optionally) add notes during the Open House.

View our complete features and details below.

  • Add Text Sign In to your next Open House, Visitors can use Text on their Smartphones to Register
  • We can Connect with up to 1500 CRMs and Email/Lead service providers
    (Click here for the list)
  • EXTENSIVE Branding & Customization of the Sign In page
  • Device independant, works on most any platform - Apple, Windows, Android, Chrome & more
  • '1-Click' TEXT & Email Drip Campaigns to Convert Visitors to Clients


What's New ...


NEW - Easier Usability for the Forewarn App and other Security Apps

Security is an important topic in Real Estate and the great news is that more and more state of the art security apps are being released all the time.

We have added a feature to Copy a Visitors phone number so that it can be used in security apps such as Forewarn to speed up the lookup process. 

To use this feature, just open 'View Visitors Live' from the Dashboard, or login to Openhousewiz.com on your Smartphone. On the Visitors list you'll see a new button labeled 'Copy Visitor Phone Number'.  Click the button then switch to your Forewarn App or other security App and paste the number there on the lookup page.

For more information, Click Here.


Branded Team Subscriptions for Mortgage Professionals & Teams.

Our fully branded Team Subscription allows the Team Owner's branding and contact info to be automatically displayed to Visitors at Open Houses.  The dual branding contains the Real Estate Agent Team Member or Partner's branding alongside the Team Owner or Broker's branding.  This branding is in place on the Smartphone Visitor Registration page, the QRCODE / TEXT Flyers and the Welcome to the Open House email to name a few places.

Visitor registration details are sent 'Live' as they occur to the hosting Agent as well as the Team Owner. They can also be sent to a CRM of choice.

For Loan Pros and Home Loan Consultants who partner with Real Estate Agents for Open Houses this service can provide a valuable service for their partner agents as well as help them grow their own business at the same time. See more details on our Team page or for pricing and ordering info here.


Show Visitors a Custom 'Thank You' message with Links & Downloads after Registration.

Add your own custom Thank You message that Visitors will see on their Smartphones after successfully signing in to your open house.

Easily add Downloadable Files and Links to the Thank You message with just a couple clicks.  For example, these links can be to a Downloadable Brochure, Flyer, Floorplans, Video, 3D Walkthrough or a Link to the Property's Branded Virtual Tour. 

Open House Covid-19 Disclosure or Waiver

Want Visitors to Read & Agree to a Disclosure before Registration?

Some areas and Brokers require or recommend specific Disclosures, Disclaimers or Waivers to be Displayed and agreed to by Open House Visitors.  A current example is a COVID-19 disclosure for instance.

The Open House Wizard Disclosure Feature Automatically Displays on the Visitor's Smartphone before Registration.  The Visitor can read and agree to the Disclosure then a sign-in form loads.

<span style="color: white!important; font-weight:600!important">Classic Font I</span>

Beautiful Open House Flyers, easily created with a couple clicks.

Created with Safe, Touch Free Open Houses in mind.  These flyers include the Agent's Specific TEXT Sign In code and QRCODE to allow Visitors to choose the Touch Free method they would like to Sign In.

Because these flyers can be displayed at an Open House without a device, Agents can do Visitor Registrations with no device necessary at all.

Agent Branding, Images and Property information are also Professionally displayed on the Flyer.


JUST OUT.  Newly redone Mobile management page for Agents.

Among other features, Agents can monitor their Open House Visitor Registrations 'Live' on their Smartphone.

Click to copy a Visitor's Phone Number and switch to a Security App such as 'Forewarn' and lookup/verify a Visitor's details.

Besides that, Agents can edit Visitor Details, Add notes, Add Visitor Feedback, Call / Text or Email a Visitor during or after the open house all within the Mobile management app on their smartphone.
How to use it?
Just go to https://openhousewiz.com on your smartphone, login and the mobile management will load automatically.


Here is how it works:

Open House Visitors can send a TEXT to a Toll-Free Number or Point their iPad, iPhone or Android Phone's Camera at a 'QRCODE' on the Sign-In Page

They get a link to their own Sign-In page that they can open on their Smartphone or iPad

You as the Agent can also choose to Sign them in manually, or even allow them to sign in manually as well. (Instead of sending a TEXT or using the QRCODE)

for Full Details on our Touchless sign-in page.

NEW 2020 Series Pages just released!  Here are some of the new Features:

Interactive CHAT Style Sign-In Forms (Click for Demo)

  • Sign-Ins Can be up to 90% Faster
  • May make it easier to get more Visitors to Sign-In

Property Info Style Forms (Click for Demo)

  • Provide Information such as Price, Beds, Baths & More on the Sign-In Page
  • Functions as a nice Property Information Flyer with a Built-In Sign-In Form




 "What is needed to run an Open House?"

"No Device or Wifi Needed if Using the QRCODE / TEXT Smartphone Sign-In page. Or, use your device (Ipad, Notebook, Laptop, Tablet, Macbook, PC, you name it) with or WITHOUT a Wifi Connection. "



Open House Wizard Main Features
FREE Version Available!

Page Service & Lead Generation Tools

Elegant Sign-In Page Designs

Start with one of our 'prebuilt' designs or customize almost everything including colors, fonts and images to match your branding.

Lead Capture

All Visitor Sign-in leads captured are sent 'Live' as they happen to your email and/or your favorite CRM.  Leads also are stored in your Leads Management Dashboard. Powerful and easy to use Drip Campaigns are also available.

Innovative Technology

We offer many Innovative page designs to suit just about any Agent's preference for not only the sign-in page style but how the page operates.

We offer a Hands Free Sign-In page that allows for safe socially distanced open houses.  A Visitor scans a QRCODE and they can then sign-in on their own phone with ease.

Out 'Chat Style' interactive sign-in page is not only friendly, it can speed up Visitor sign-ins up to 90% faster.

Tons of Features

Features include:

  • A 'Welcome to the Open' email (or text) is sent as soon as a Visitor signs in.

  • Touch-free / No contact Sign-in pages for a safe open.

  • Text Sign In - Open House Visitors can Register via Texting with their Smartphone

  • Works with pretty much ANY device.

  • '1-Click' TEXT & Email Drip Campaigns.

  • Email Validation checking.

  • 'Chat Style' interactive sign-in page options.

  • Collect Visitor feedback and generate a report with 1 click.

  • Video Sign-in pages.

  • Co-Branded Sign-in pages.

  • Brokers Open Sign-in pages.

  • Fully Brandable, Easily Customize almost everything to match your Branding.

  • Add your own custom questions.

  • Never lose your sign-in leads. Once someone signs in their info is instantly stored in our database.


Checkout & Explore Our Features Below:
Click any item for more details.


Recent comment from a website visitor

"Had no idea this service existed and nothing I've seen in this market and I go to and host a lot of Open's. I think it will enhance "the look" and professionalism of the Opens"

Love the idea of this Service!


Tom B.

"It's easy to customize - Your sign in screen can have a photo of your listing, headshot, personal message etc.
It integrates flawlessly with my CRM - no data entry after the open house.  With a CRM app on my phone integrated with Open House Wizard, I'm able to take notes seconds after guest sign in so I can capture the important information needed for follow up calls and emails.
Overall: It helps me capture important information about what the guest at the open house are looking for and is amazingly easy to use."

Open House Wizard is the best open house tool I have used so far!


Sara R.

"Since this uploads open house guests directly into my CRM, I can take notes during the open without any notice. This has made it much easier to remember who was who after the fact. Also, no messy handwriting!"

This has made follow up for open houses so much easier.