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Guidelines for running a Safe Covid-19 Open House with Touch Less Visitor Registration

Introducing the 'Touch-Free' Open House Sign-In Page

Checkout our 'Touch Free', 'Touch Less', 'Contact Free' or Whatever you want to Call it, Sign-In Page.

This page offers a TEXT Sign-In option or a QRCODE that Open House Visitors can scan on their Smartphones or iPads.  They will then be able to Sign-In to your Open House Contact Free and Touch Less using a personalized & branded sign-in form on their phone. 

Visitors will appreciate the easy Open House Texting Sign In app.

Real Estate - Attended Open House Safety Guidelines

If you need to do a 'Touch Free' or 'Contactless' Open House during the current Covid-19 Pandemic, this is one way to minimize contact and maintain Safe Social Distancing using a 'No touch' Sign In sheet that is actually powered by an App.


After that everything else happens normally.  For instance, if you want your Visitors to receive a 'Welcome to the Open' email they will receive it normally.  If you are using our Drip Campaigns, then they will be activated as well.  If you wish to collect feedback you can do so also.

You will also receive near instant notification on your phone where you can view the Visitor's details on your Email App, CRM or via our website.

How it works

You Could Leave Your Device at Home by using a Sign-In Flyer

If you add your TEXT to the Toll-Free 888 number or the QRCODE to a flyer (or both) and display that at your Open House you could actually run the Open without a device!

Pros: No device!
Cons: You may have to manually sign someone in on your smartphone if they cannot scan the QRCODE or do not want to send a Text.

How to do this:


  • Open the QRCODE Flyer Option on the My Account Dashboard
  • Add your Info and Images then Click CREATE FLYER
  • The Finished Flyer will be sent to your email address


  • Open the Touchless Sign-In Page
  • Copy the QRCODE (Right-click and choose copy or on an iPad hold finger on QRCODE then choose copy)
  • Paste the QRCODE onto your Open House Flyer
  • Add the Text option using our Supplied 888 Number and your Code Number shown on the page.

METHOD THREE (Without a Flyer)

  • Login to, Switch to the Advanced dashboard & Click the Sign-In Pages item
  • Then run the 'Touch-Less Open House Sign-In Page' and You will see your own custom QRCODE on the screen.
  • Your Visitors will use their Smartphone or iPad to scan the QRCODE
  • They will get a link on their screen that they need to tap
  • Once they do that a Personalized & Branded Sign-In form will open on their device

More Information on QRCODEs

Usually Apple devices can read a QRCODE no problems at all but Androids sometimes need an APP to scan QRCODEs.  If someone cannot read the QRCODE then I would instruct them to load a QRCODE Scanner APP.  Google Lens is a popular free APP for Androids and reads QRCODEs perfectly.

For iOS devices such as iPad & iPhone although they may not need it, they can also install Google Lens via the Apple Store, by installing the 'Google App' which includes Google Lens.

Instructions for an Android phone to load a QRCODE APP

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search for 'Google Lens' (Or any QRCODE Scanner or Reader App)
  • Install the App and Open It
  • Point the Smartphone at the QRCODE & Tap the Link to open the Sign-In form


What if a Visitor does not want to Text or cannot scan the QRCODE or does not have a Smartphone or just does not want to scan the code?

No worries, we've got you covered there also!

  • Use the 'Load Sign-In Form' button & sign them in yourself
  • Or use the 'Load Sign-In Form' button & allow them to sign-in (Not Touchless though)


Checkout our Strategies for Running a successful and safe Open House

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