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Free Open House App* Offered with Unlimited Visitor Registrations & QR Code Registration Flyers. Our Full Subscription adds Text as well as QR Code Visitor Sign Ins, Real Estate Sign Riders & Free Flyers as well.

Lead Conversion tools automatically go to work for you to maximize your Open House to its fullest.

*Free Account does not include ALL Features, we also offer a Free 14 Day Trial that includes ALL Features.

No Device or WIFI?  Then you can use a Flyer for Visitor Registration.

Free Open House App Flyer

Free QR CODE & TEXT Real Estate Flyers

Stunning Free Open House Flyers with QRCODE & Texting Sign In Capability.  This will Allow your Open House Visitors to Register and Sign In on their Own Smartphones! 

EASY! Just a couple clicks and the Flyer is delivered to your email address.

Got a Snazzy Device?  Perfect, then bring your Device for Visitor Registration

Free Open House App runs on Ipads & Apple, Windows and Android devices.

'Classic' Registration Layouts from our collection.

If you would like to use your device, then bring your device to the Open House and fire up one of our 'Classic' Registration pages, and still allow Visitors to Register by Text, QR CODE or by using a Form.

Almost any kind of device is supported, whether its running Windows, iOS, Chrome or Android. Devices such as an Ipad, Macbook, Microsoft Surface, Chromebook, Notebook or Tablet. Any device can likely be used for Visitor Registrations.

Best of all, No WIFI or Internet Connection Needed.

Want MORE Leads?

Get not only more Leads but also more Lead Conversions!

We're not just another pretty Open House Visitor Registration Service. Besides our stellar lead converting Open House Visitor Registration service we also offer many Lead Producing and Conversion features at no charge for our incredible clients!



Sign Riders


Text & QR Code


FREE Open House App Available or Try Us Out for 14 Days!

Open House Wizard Features

Its an Open House App and its also a Lead Generating Service.  You can be an Open Home Pro with Open House Wizard. Get our Free Version with Unlimited Sign-Ins or try out our full version for 14 Days Free!   Now Offering Branded Subscriptions, perfect for Mortgage Professionals that attend Open Houses with Agent Partners.

Some Recent Client Testimonials


Recent comment from a website visitor

"Had no idea this service existed and nothing I've seen in this market and I go to and host a lot of Open's. I think it will enhance "the look" and professionalism of the Opens"

Love the idea of this Service!


Tom B.

"It's easy to customize - Your sign in screen can have a photo of your listing, headshot, personal message etc.
It integrates flawlessly with my CRM - no data entry after the open house.  With a CRM app on my phone integrated with Open House Wizard, I'm able to take notes seconds after guest sign in so I can capture the important information needed for follow up calls and emails.
Overall: It helps me capture important information about what the guest at the open house are looking for and is amazingly easy to use."

Open House Wizard is the best open house tool I have used so far!


Sara R.

"Since this uploads open house guests directly into my CRM, I can take notes during the open without any notice. This has made it much easier to remember who was who after the fact. Also, no messy handwriting!"

This has made follow up for open houses so much easier.