Team Details 2021

Team Details 2021 – Open House Wizard

Team, Broker or Mortgage Professional?
Then you need Open House Wizard for Teams.

Our Platform is perfect for Teams and Brokers with an abundance of 'Team Friendly' Features such as our 'Team Management Portal' and Aggressively Discounted Pricing for Teams. For Loan Pros, we offer fully Branded Accounts. Details below.


Now Offering Fully Branded Subscriptions for Loan Professionals.

Features for Teams & Brokers

Open House Visitor Registration including Touch Free Text & QRCODE Open House Sign In App and Service, CRM Connections, Text & Email Visitor Drip Campaigns, Modern & Stunning Lead Generating Websites & much more - see details below. 

For Mortgage Professionals, Home Loan Consultants or Brokers & Teams, we offer fully Branded 'Team' Subscriptions. 

With our Branded Subscriptions, simply add the Agents you work with and they will enjoy full access to all Open House Wizard feature for their Open Houses and best of all, your Branding & Contact Info stays. Your Branding will show on the Smartphone Visitor Registration page, the QRCODE / TEXT Registration Flyer and even the Visitor Welcome Emails!  Leads are auto-forwarded to your email or to your CRM or both. 

With our Branded Team Accounts, even if you cannot be at the Open House, your branding will still be there.

As you can see we are much more than an Open House Sign In Service, we are focused on Lead Generation and Lead Conversion for our Agents.

We offer Teams vastly discounted subscription rates so it is easy to have an umbrella account that includes accounts for all of your Agent Team Members. 

Checkout Our Full Team Details & Perks Below

We are built for Teams and Dedicated to their Success!

Branded Subscriptions


Our Branded Subscriptions platform for Loan Professionals and Teams offers a unique way to offer value to your Real Estate Agent partners but to also build your own business at the same time.  Your branding will be front & center at every open house and included on the Smartphone Visitor Registration page, Flyers, Welcome to the Open emails and more.  Offered at a volume discount starting with a 5 Agent Subscription.

CLICK HERE for more Information.

Co-Branded Flyers


Our Co-Branded QRCODE / TEXT Flyers work with our Agent Coop Service and with the Branded Subscriptions service.  Using the same simple interface as our regular Flyers, Agents can create these flyers with just a couple clicks.  Display them at the Open House for Visitor's to Register on their Smartphones and your branding is there front and center.

Branded Communications


Our Branded Subscription services also includes its own branded communications.  Starting with the 'Welcome to the Open House' email, Visitors will be shown your Contact Info and branding alongside the partner Agent the minute they register at an Open House.  Visitor details are also sent not only to the Open Hosting Agent 'Live' as they happen but also to the Branded Account Owner.  Leads can also be sent to a CRM as well.

The Team Portal


From the minute you signup, Onboarding and Managing your Team is a breeze with our Team Management Portal. Easily change or edit Agent info with just a click or two.  You can even generate Open House QRCODE / TEXT Flyers for Agents with just a couple clicks!

Add & Change Agent Settings


Easily Add & Change pretty much any Agent setting from the Portal Details page.  The agent details are right at your fingertips here to allow for easy editing of a Member's Contact Info, CRM tags, Disclaimer or Disclosure and more.

Agent Questions & Settings


Review, change & add settings for Agent Team Members with just a click or two.  Add the Team Leader's email address as a secondary notification address to be copied on all Visitor Sign-In details.

Add & Remove Agents / Team Members


You can add members in many different ways, here is the ADD Agent page showing the form where you can add an existing user (if they already have an Open House Wizard account) or add their details if they are new. 

Members will receive a welcome email with a link to the login page.

Import Members in Bulk or by a Link


You can also add members in very powerful ways, even in bulk by importing a CSV of all of your Team Members.  You can also distribute a 'Signup Link' to your Team where they can sign up themselves using the link.

View Team Member Leads


Instantly View ALL of your Team Member's Leads from Open Houses or from the Website.  A great tool to keep track of what's going on.  Team members must click an 'allow Team Leader to View leads' setting in their account.

Copy Settings & Branding to Agents


Perhaps the most powerful Agent management tool is the 'Copy Settings' tool.  Instantly copy all settings from an existing member who is already setup.  This copy includes Branding, Colors, Logo, Questions & Settings, Disclaimer and much more with one click.  

Website Details

Stunning, Lead Generating Websites (I know, insane right?)


Gorgeous and Modern websites can be added for the Team itself as well as each individual Team member.  These sites are built to collect leads. The leads from the site flow to your Open House Wizard account where they can be sent to your CRM or a Drip Campaign can be started.  CLICK for Website Details.

Website Details

Beautiful Agents Roster Page


Show off your Agents with our beautiful Agent Roster page.  This page can show your Agents in a List, Grid or Carousel type view depending on your preference.

When an Agent is clicked it opens the Agent's Bio or Info page.

Website Details

Individual Agent Bio / Info pages


The Agent Bio page offers the full contact information for each Agent as well as a brief Bio or description of the Agent and their Specialties or Areas Serviced.  The Agent's Reviews and Listings will also show here. A contact form popup will send leads directly to the Agent.

Website Details

Listings Gallery & Detail pages


Beautifully Showcase your Listings with our Listings Gallery.  Each listing has its own details page when clicked with full details on the property including Photos, 3D Tours, Video, Maps and a Contact form that goes to the Listing Agent.  Other details such as an Open House Date/Time are shown as well. Listings can be shared to Social media easily by the Viewer.

Each Listing can function as a Landing page for Social Marketing usage and even as an MLS Un-Branded (or Branded) Tour!

Website Details

Supports Multiple Locations


For those larger Teams or even Brokerages our websites also support Multiple Locations.  Agents can be added to specific locations then shown on that Location's Agent roster.  Pretty cool!

Got Questions?

*Websites Hosting and Support are Free for Open House Wizard clients, setup fees apply. **IDX is a Paid Add-on that can be purchased.