Websites 2021

Introducing - Listing Leads 2 Clients (LL2C)

Websites for Agents, Teams & Brokers
High level websites now available at a LOW COST for our clients!


'Listing Leads to Clients' is focused on helping Agents maximize every lead to its fullest potential.

Adding on to the Open House Wizard Sign-In Tool, our Website Service is the Second Tool we are proud to offer to our awesome Subscribers.

Websites that Look Great on Everything.
So that YOU look great on everything.

Our Websites are designed to look stunning on almost any kind of device.

Website Main Features

Eye Catching Designs

These are not your average Real Estate websites!  Their Professional Feature Rich website design will wow your clients.

Social media sharing is built right in.  Instantly post your Properties to Social Media with just One Click!

Lead Capture

All leads captured are sent to the correct Agent(s) and also added to your Leads Management Dashboard in Open House Wizard.

Drip Campaigns are available and Leads can be copied to your CRM as well. *Drip campaigns and other advanced features only work for Paid Open House Wizard clients.


Built for Agents, Teams and Brokers

High-end features include: Properties and single-site property pages, Agents & Agent Rosters, Testimonials (linked to the correct agent), Neighborhood & Area Info & much more.

IDX Search Capabilities

Add 'Live' IDX Search capabilities to your website including Neighborhood and Area page content with Market Reports as well as Active Listings, Sold and Pending properties for that area.

Checkout our Designs & Full List of Features

Tight integration with Open House Wizard allows these websites to literally turn your Leads into Clients!


Image or Video Page

This page displays a full-width image or video of your choice ar the top of the page which can also fill the entire screen if desired, Listings and other content show below this.

Image Overlay Page

A great design for an individual agent's page. Similar to the 1st page it includes the same large image or video with your supplied image displayed as an overlay.

IDX Search Page

With the IDX Search Add-on, display a Search form on the main page and include MLS listings on your website. Search can be used on other pages as well.

Full List of Website Features

Our websites are jam packed with features that Brokers, Teams and Agents need.

Properties or Listings

Post unlimited properties and single property pages.

Each property layout includes a large array of features such as a 360 embedded tour, Video Tour, Images, Downloadable documents, Floor plans, Maps and on and on.

Social Media sharing is built right in.  Share your Properties to Social Media with just One Click.

Agent Rosters

Add unlimited Agents to your site. Display a roster of Agents on your site as well.

Agent pages show their reviews and their own listings as well as a Contact Agent form which will send the message directly to the agent. Great for Teams and Brokers.

IDX & Property Search

Add powerful & professional IDX Search Capabilities to your site. Your main page can include a property search form to jumpstart Buyers and engage them instantly.

IDX Active, Sold and Market Reports can load automatically for any Area or Neighborhood page that you add.

Neighborhoods & Areas

Add unlimited Neighborhoods or Areas to your website.  These can include images, info and links about the Neighborhood.

If you have our IDX add-on you can also display area listings and market reports on the Neighborhood pages.


Add unlimited Testimonials or Reviews to your website.  They can also be tagged to the specific Agent so that they show on the Agent's profile page.

Integration with Open House Wizard

With Open House Wizard integration you can manage your website directly from your Open House Wizard account. No need for two different logins.

Also, all leads from website forms come directly to your Open House Wizard account.  You can also enable drip campaigns for website leads.

About Us & Many Other Pages

A beautiful About Us page is included that can be customized with your own information.

The contact us page can show a location map as well as your contact information and a contact form.

Easy & Fast to Setup

To get you started quickly we have put together a turnkey system that makes the process as smooth as possible.

•  Simply choose your website setup option
•  Fill out an information form
•  Create the site
•  After that the site is created and ready

Buyers & Sellers Pages

These lead producing Sellers and Buyers pages are dressed to impress.

Customize them any way you see fit to match your Buyer and Seller concepts and branding.

Unlimited Landing Pages

Not only can you use your own domain name with our websites but we also allow unlimited additional domains names that can be used for landing pages.

We offer several prebuilt Landing Pages such as a Home Value page. Besides that, all Property pages can be used as a Landing Page as well.  So for example if your property is 123 Main Street, you could register as the landing page domain for that listing.

Easily use any Property as an Un-Branded MLS Tour

Contact Forms

Contact forms are an important part of our websites.  All contact forms send automatically to your Open House Wizard Leads Management dashboard where ALL of your Agents can access their own leads.

Autoresponder emails sent to visitors after filling in a form can also be customized to your specifications very easily.

Forms are on each property page and Agent pages.  Those forms also send to the specific Agent(s).

Automated Marketing

All leads flow into your Open House Wizard account. Once there you have a lot of choices for marketing to these leads.  You can setup automatic drip campaigns tailored to the type of lead such as Property Lead, Buyer Lead etc. with one click.

Besides our drip campaigns, if you use a CRM or Lead Service such as Mailchimp your leads can also be automatically sent there as well.  For Teams the Team Leader(s) can be copied on all leads, they also can be 'funneled' to a single CRM connection to be managed by the Team.

Did you know? Any Property or Listing can be used as a MLS Tour

See Landing pages under help for information on how this works.

Check out a Sample MLS Un-Branded Tour  |  Checkout a Sample Property Landing Page


Easy Site Management

No coding or Technical expertise required!  We have designed these sites to be easily managed by anyone from an intuitive dashboard.



Easily Add, Edit & Remove Properties / Listings.  They can be assigned to a specific Agent so the agents shows on the Property page and leads go directly to the agent. The property also shows on the Agent's profile page. An Open House date and time can be added and will show on the Property details page.



Take some of those great reviews and make them work for you!  Add, Edit & Remove Clients Reviews here with just a couple clicks. Assign the review to an Agent or leave it as a Brokerage review.  Assigned Reviews also show on the assigned Agent's profile page.



Add, Edit & Remove Agents with the greatest of ease.  Lots of content can be loaded for each agent including contact info, a profile, areas of expertise, areas specializing in and much much more.



Show off your knowledge of the Areas, Neighborhoods and Localities that you serve.  Add images, links and information about the area. If you have our IDX add-on, you can also display current listings for the Area as well as Market Reports including Sales trends, and Listings that are Pending, Active and Sold.