Websites 2021 – Steps to Get Started

Websites 2021 – Steps to Get Started – Open House Wizard

Free Websites - Steps to Setup

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    1st - Checkout Our Demo Site

    Review our demo site to checkout the Homepage options, site design, colors, fonts pages and more.  Make notes of changes you would like to match your requirements for your own website. (Click Here for the Demo Site)

  • 2nd - Order the Setup Option you prefer

    There is a bit of setup work we need to do for you to have the site up and running, even if you will be customizing it yourself. 

    We offer a 'Basic' setup option that includes the site setup and some basic configurations.  

    If you would like us to do much more, we offer a 'Pro' setup option that includes setting up all the main pages for you. (Click Here for Setup Options)
    *You must have an Open House Wizard account to setup a website.

  • 3rd - Fill out our website setup form

    After you provide us with information and images from the form our support staff will add this information to your site for you. (Click Here for the Form)

  • 4th - Create your website

    The create website page will create your website for you almost instantly.  There is one last form here to fill out which actually adds all of your basic info and links to the site automatically. 

    After creating the site our support staff can then add your images, color choices and other info you previously provided on the 3rd step. (Click Here to Create Website)

  • 5th - Edit your website and other stuff

    Last but not least there are some other things you may need to do such as:

    After you have created your site - Click Here for our Website Help Index