Open House Wizard

About Open House Wizard

Even though our name says 'Open House', we are much more than just another Open House sign-in service provider.

We are focused on Lead Nurturing and the Conversion of Leads into Clients. Whether the Lead is from an Open House, a Landing page or anywhere else - we are focused on providing Agents, Loan Officers and others with automatic and easy to use & customize lead conversion tools.  These tools include our '1-Click' Drip Email Campaigns, Beautiful PDF Flyers, Welcome Emails, Text Welcome messages and much more.

Coming soon we will be adding Landing pages, Single Property Website pages, Facebook Ads and more.

These exciting new features will be included at no cost for our subscribers & will be debuting sometime in the Fall of 2019, so stay tuned!

You may be one of the estimated 50% of Real Estate Agents that either have a CRM system  (Customer Relationship Management) or Email/Lead Marketing Service, (Such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact) or soon will have one of those.

Our service is focused on providing a linkage from an Open House Sign-In page directly to your Email Address, CRM and/or Lead Marketing Service. When prospective clients sign-in to your open house we instantly transfer their information to you in 'real-time'.

We work with ALL Email Services such as Gmail, Office 365 & more

If your CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service has an App, you can view the app during your open house and watch as new contacts appear like magic.  This is also useful for adding comments and other details to their record.   There may be times when you did not have a chance to get a Visitor's name before they sign in, so all you have to do is look at the app after they sign in and there it is.

After the Visitor Signs In you can have Open House Wizard automatically send them a nice Welcome to the Open House email.

You can elect to automatically place these new leads on a '1-Click' Open House Wizard Email Drip Campaign or you can Customize our drip campaign to your liking as well.  If you have a CRM or Lead Service you can also setup your Drip Campaign there instead.  Checkout our 'Help Dashboard' page for more details on that.

You may have seen, tried or might be currently using another Open House App, Click Here to see why we are different...

Customize the Open House Sign-In Page to Suit Your Style

You can change the background color and/or image, the form colors, fonts and styles as well as the images displayed on the form, the welcome message, your information & disclosure or disclaimer and also you can add extra images to the sign-in page top or bottom. and the Welcome Text on the top of the form.

Click Here to see how you can customize the Sign-In page...

Open House Wizard Requirements - We work with almost any kind of device or operating system as long as you have an Internet Browser
Windows, Apple iOS, Android, Chrome, Linux, PCs, Ipads, Notebooks, Chromebooks, Tablets, You name it.

  • The Open House Wizard requires either an Ipad, PC, Notebook, Laptop or Tablet with an Internet connection. (Don't have an Internet connection at your Open House? Click here for some tips on setting up your own Internet connection at your Open House)
  • Although not required, we also HIGHLY recommend an external keyboard if you are using an Ipad or Tablet.  (The onscreen keyboard  on Ipads and Tablets is harder to use for visitors) Its well worth the couple of bucks investment, trust us on that one!
  • The last requirement is an Email Address or CRM and/or Lead Marketing Service to send the leads to.  Check out our list of supported CRMs & Email/Lead Marketing Services, (we work with Office 365, Gmail and pretty much ALL Email services) and keep in mind we are constantly adding more all the time.  You can also contact us if you would like to be notified when your CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service is added.
  • While the Open House Wizard does run on Android phones, Iphones and other smartphones we do not offer a phone App version of the service because we believe for Open House Sign-In purposes the small screens on phones are not an effective way to do visitor sign-ins.

How it Works

  • After you register on the Open House Wizard site our engineers manually setup & test a connection service to your CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service that will funnel your Open House Sign-In leads directly to your CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service as new contacts.  This connection service is usually done within 4-8 hours.
  • But you can start using the service immediately after signup
  • Thats it!  ...yes, it is like magic 🙂


During the Open

  • During your Open House, simply ask Visitors to sign in using the page
  • They are asked for their Name, email address, phone number and whether they are using a Realtor
    (If using a Realtor they are also asked for the Realtor's information)
  • After pressing 'Submit', the Open House Wizard checks the entered information and Validates their Email Address in Real-time, if all is valid the page reloads automatically and is ready for the next visitor sign-in


How to Get Started

  • 1st of all, go to the Open House Wizard website and click on the 'Pricing' link at the top of the page
  • From there you can add the open house wizard to your cart
  • During the checkout process we will need your name, email, phone, password and billing details
  • Choose a plan (month to month or annual)
  • Then checkout
  • You will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to located and provide the CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service info that we need to complete your account setup. This code, key or email address allows us to setup the connection to your CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service for you (instructions for finding that key, code or email can be found here)
  • When your account is completed (within 4-8 hours and usually much faster than that), you will get an email notice sent to you

 How to Use the Open House Sign-In Page

  • When you are ready for an Open House just simply go to and use the Login link at the top of the page
  • If you want to immediately run an Open House, click the RUN an Open House button (No need to configure anything or input any  information)
  • (Optional) You can change the Welcome text, main image or the background color / image of the sign-in page or almost everything else on the sign-in page.
    *We highly recommend all agents test out their open house sign in page and view results in their CRM or Email/Lead Marketing Service prior to using it at an open house...
  • Choose our pre-built color & font scheme or specify your own colors & fonts.
  • You can also setup a nice 'Welcome to the Open House' email with your own message, contact info, pictures of the house, headshot or logo, links to tours or other items, floor-plans, surveys, even an Attachment - you name it!

How to Change the Logo, Background Image , Welcome Message and Welcome Email

  • Just click on the 'Customize & Stylize' option after logging in

How to Login and Logout from the Website

  • To login to the site, at the top of the page choose the 'Login' link
  • To logout from the site and your open house page, choose 'Logout' on the upper left of the open house sign-in screen