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Open House Wizard Features

Checkout the Open House Wizard's Key Features


Our Open House Wizard - Sign In Page service offers a ton of customization features and capabilities...

You See Results 'LIVE' in 'Real-Time'... When somebody Signs In to Your Open they See the Welcome Email Instantly on their Smartphone.  View the Sign In Details Instantly (not after the Open) & (optionally) add notes during the Open House.

  • We can Connect with up to 1500 CRMs and Email/Lead service providers (Click here for the list)
  • EXTENSIVE Branding & Customization of the Sign In page
  • Device independant, works on most any platform - Apple, Windows, Android, Chrome & more
  • '1-Click' Email Drip Campaigns to Convert Visitors to Clients
  • All this, at a low price and with great support included, what else can we say...

NEW 'TOUCHLESS' or 'TOUCH FREE' Sign-In page just released!

Here is how it works:

  • Visitors Point their iPad, iPhone or Android Phone's Camera at a 'QRCODE' on the Sign-In Page
  • They get a link to their own Sign-In page that they can open on their Smartphone or iPad
  • You as the Agent can also choose to Sign them in manually, or even allow them to sign in manually as well. (Instead of using the QRCODE)
  • CLICK HERE for Full Details on our Touchless sign-in page.

NEW 2020 Series Pages just released!  Here are some of the new Features:

  • Interactive CHAT Style Sign-In Forms (Click for Demo)
    • Sign-Ins Can be up to 90% Faster
    • May make it easier to get more Visitors to Sign-In
  • Property Info Style Forms (Click for Demo)

    • Provide Information such as Price, Beds, Baths & More on the Sign-In Page
    • Functions as a nice Property Information Flyer with a Built-In Sign-In Form

 “What is needed to run an Open House? All you need is your device (Ipad, Notebook, Laptop, Tablet, Macbook, PC, you name it) and a Wifi Connection. Or No Device or Wifi Needed if Using the QRCODE Touchless Sign-In page"

Checkout & Explore Our Features Below:

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