Open House Wizard Features

Checkout the Open House Wizard's Key Features


Our Open House Wizard - Sign In Page service offers a ton of customization features and capabilities...

You See Results 'LIVE' in 'Real-Time'... (Unlike Most other Open House Sign In Apps) When somebody Signs In to Your Open they See the Welcome Email Instantly on their Smartphone.  You as the Agent, See their Sign In Details Instantly (not after the Open).

  • We work with many of the top major Real Estate CRMs and Email/Lead service providers
  • Also with Many if not all major Email services
  • We offer far more customization of the Sign In page than anyone
  • We uniquely work on almost any platform - whether its Apple, Windows, Android or you name it
  • All this, at a low price and with great support included, what else can we say...

Features at a Glance

Included with All Paid Accounts:

  • Runs 'LIVE', Visitor Sign-Ins go Instantly to You
  • Sends Sign-Ins to Your Supported CRM or Email
  • '1-Click' Email Drip Campaigns (also customizable)
  • Email Address Validation in 'Real-Time' (Helps reduce misspelled or fake emails!)
  • Allow Visitors to Add their Feedback During Sign-In or AFTER they Sign-In!
  • EASILY Add Notes or Edit Signed-In Visitors During the Open
  • Generate a Beautiful Sellers PDF Feedback Report with One-Click
  • Co-Branded Sign-In Page with Two Persons & Companies Branding
  • Save Multiple Coop or Co-Branded Partners
  • Save Multiple Agent Profiles (Great for Sharing One Account to Save Money)
  • Save Multiple Open House Settings (Great when doing the same open multiple times)
  • Branding
    • Show Your YouTube VIDEO in the Background on Sign-In Page
    • Custom Welcome Message on Sign-In Page
    • Customizable Visitor Welcome EMAIL with Your Image & Attachment (Flyer)
    • Customizable Visitor Welcome TEXT with an Image (*Add-on)
    • Add Your Best Client Testimonials to the Sign-In Page
    • Add Your Own Logos, Images, Background Images & More
    • Display Your Name/Email/Phone/Company on the Sign-In Page
    • Change the Font, Font Style & Font Color & More
  • Premium Pages Including a Slideshow Sign-In Page with Your Pictures
  • Add a Disclaimer or Disclosure to the Sign-In Pages
  • Add More Preset Questions
  • Add Your OWN Custom Questions
  • Add Home Address Fields
  • Toggle 'Required' Email/Phone Fields On/Off
  • Use Our Library of Beautiful 'Prebuilt' Sign-In Pages
  • Advanced Lead Viewer/Editor/Exporter
  • Unlimited Visitor Sign-Ins
  • Add Notes or a Property Address
  • Brokers Open Branded Feedback Page Included

 “What is needed to run an Open House? All you need is your device (Ipad, Notebook, Laptop, Tablet, Macbook, PC, you name it) and a Wifi Connection


Connects you to your favorite CRM or Email/Lead Service Provider

Works with many of the top leading CRM & Email/Lead Services within the Real Estate Industry. Liondesk, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Boomtown, Gmail & Office 365 are some of them, plus many many more.

See Our Current List of Supported CRMs & Lead Services Here....


Never Lose Your Sign-In Leads!

Open House Wizard Sign-In Leads are stored in a secure database as they happen.  Most Open House Apps store these leads locally which can cause a loss of some or ALL sign-in leads.   Don't take our word for it, check the reviews of your favorite App on the App store and you'll see numerous instances of lost leads.

At Open House Wizard its as if your Leads are stored in a Bank Vault, guarded by the Wizard himself.


Watch your Open House Sign Ins Live

Using your CRM or Email/Lead Service's Smartphone App, you can watch the Open House Sign Ins Live as they happen.

You can view your Visitor's Sign In Information instantly with details such as their Name, Phone #, "Working with an Agent?" & more.  If you have a CRM App on your phone you can even make notes and tag Visitors for followup. All while the Open House is running.


'1-CLICK' Email Drip Campaigns
Enable Our Lead Generating Drip Campaigns for your Visitors with ONE CLICK!

Convert your Open House Visitors to Clients faster by using our awesome Email Drip Campaigns.  One click and the drip campaign is enabled instantly for your Visitors.

You can also 'Make it Your Own' and EASILY Customize each Drip Email as you see fit.  Add an image, links, your own custom email signature and pretty much anything else to the Drip Emails.



Email Validation in 'Real-Time'
Can your Open House App do this?? We bet the answer is NO!

Tired of losing Sign-In Leads with Misspelled or FAKE Email Addresses? Our Email Validation helps reduce Fake or Misspelled Email Addresses.  We do 'Live' email address checking, so once a Visitor presses submit on the Sign-In page their email address is validated & if its misspelled or fake they are prompted to re-enter or edit their email address.

If your Open House App can't do this you need to switch!


Account Sharing can Save you Tons of Money

Many Agents don't do Opens every weekend, so Teaming up with other agents to share an account is a great idea for some.  It is possible with our 'Multiple Profiles' Feature.  Up to 4 Agents, Loan Officers etc. can share one Account & Each Person can Save their FULL Profiles with All of their Settings & Branding.

When they are ready to run an Open, they would just click the 'Activate' Button on their Profile.


Text a Welcome Message Upon Sign-In
Now you can elect to send your Visitors an Instant 'Welcome to My Open' Text Message when they Sign-In.

This Welcome Message is Fully Customizable. You can also Add your own Image, Logo or Headshot as well. And, since the Open House Wizard is a 'Live' Service they'll receive your Text as soon as they Sign-In.  You can add your own links to items such as an Online Tour or Video, your Contact Info, you name it! (*Optional Add-on service)


Start an Open House in 30 Seconds or Less

Unlike pretty much ALL other Open House Sign In Apps, we don't require any prior setup before running an Open.  That means you DO NOT have to Add the Property Address, Details, Pictures etc.  With Open House Wizard, just Login and Run Your Open! 

Checkout our 30 Second Video & Other Videos Here.

Welcome email

Automatically Send Your Visitors a Welcome Email 'LIVE'

Open House Wizard can automatically send your Visitors a Nice 'Welcome to the Open House' email as soon as they Sign In. This email can be fully customized with your own Welcome Message, your Contact Information, your Headshot or Logo, Details or Links for the House, Floorplans & even your own Attachment such as a PDF Flyer!


Visitor Feedback & Seller Feedback Report

With Open House Wizard you can collect Visitor's Feedback during their initial sign-in or AFTER they have signed in.  You can also edit Visitors and add Agent comments during the Open House.

After the Open, you can easily Generate a Beautiful PDF Sellers Feedback Report with 'One Click'.  Or you can download the Visitors and Feedback to Excel or CSV for your own Custom Report.


Co-Branded Open House Sign-In Page with Two Person's Branding & Info
(Hmm... how come we never thought of this one before!?)

Perfect for 2 Person Teams or Partners who do Opens together as well as those who partner with a Loan Officer etc.  Displays All Branding Info Including Headshots and Logo, Name, Phone, Email and Company or Team Names.

Additionally, Sign-In Leads can be sent simultaneously to both individuals at the discretion of the Open House Wizard Account holder.


Display your Best Client Testimonials on the Sign-In Page

Your Best Client Testimonials can be displayed right on the Open House Sign-In Page.  They appear one by one in a 'Slider' or 'Ticker Tape' style on the page.

What better way to show your expertise than by using the words directly from your clients?


An Open House Sign-In Page with a YouTube VIDEO Background? Pretty Sure Nobody else has that!

How Cool would it be to have your YouTube VIDEO Walk-through or any YouTube VIDEO displayed and playing during the Open House.  That is now available with our Open House YouTube Video Sign-In page.  In between Visitor Sign-Ins the YouTube Video of your choice will play in the background. To allow a Visitor to Sign-In, just tap or click on the screen.

Click HERE to See a Video Sign-In Demo Page...


An Open House Sign-In Page with a Slideshow? Sure, we can do that!

Would you like to have a Slideshow playing during the Open House displaying some of the best pictures of the property?  Well now you can do that with our Open House Slideshow Sign-In page.  In between Visitor Sign-Ins the Slideshow will automatically scroll through the pictures of your choice. To allow a Visitor to Sign-In, just tap or click on the screen.

Click or Tap here to See a DEMO of our Slideshow Sign-In Page



You can add Extra Preset Questions to the Open House Sign-In Page as well as Your OWN Custom Questions.

You can now customize the Open House Sign-In page with an assortment of our 'Preset' questions such as "Have you been Pre-qualified by a Lender?". 

Beyond that you can also add a few of Your Own Custom questions as well.


Brokers Open - Sign In & Feedback, Why Not!

Besides the Open House Sign In pages, also included with all accounts is your very own customizable Broker's Open Register / Feedback page.  Add your own custom message. Your Logo / Headshot or Image of choice is shown as well as your contact information.


Great for Busy Open Houses also

Got a busy Open House? No problem, you can run more than one Open House Sign In station at a time. Setup as many as you like, its as easy as logging in and clicking the 'Start an Open House' button.  Multiple stations and/or Logons would each require a license.


Works with almost any kind of device

The Open House Wizard works with almost any kind of device. You have the freedom to use Windows (Laptop, Notebook, PC or anything), Apple iOS (Ipad, Macbook, Mac or anything), Android Tablets & Devices, Chromebook and Chrome powered devices and many more.



Saves You Not Only Time, but Money Also

Our Full-Blown Version costs about $8.35 a month... *For the 1st Year with an Annual subscription.  Most Open House Sign In Apps & Services Charge $25+ a Month. 

Some Monthly Competitor Prices: 'Competitor #1'* $25 (when paying for a year long contract!), 'Competitor #2'* $25+!, 'Competitor #3'* Starts at $30 per month & can go as high as $110! You get the idea, we offer far more for far less & whats wrong with that?

*Competitor Names listed are registered trademarks and/or property of their respective owner


Customize the Sign In Page with Your Own Style

Besides being able to choose from several background colors, you can also customize & style the Open House Sign In Page to reflect yourself. You can change the Welcome Message and the main Image to your own Headshot, Logo or anything you like.

You can also choose to upload your own background images. 



Library of Pre-built Page Styles

Don't want to spend time customizing the page? No problem, you also can choose different 'pre-built' Sign-In page styles from our Library of Open House pages. 

Just choose a style and your open house sign-in page is up and running with that style instantly.


Advanced Leads Viewer & Exporter

An Advanced Leads Viewer & Editor is included. You can view, edit & print your Sign In leads as well as export them all to Excel, CSV or PDF formats & more.