File Manager

Image Manager Page for the Slideshow*
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Tips and recommendations:
NOTE: File Manager is Not compatible with IPads or iOS devices
  • For Full Instructions on How to Use, Click Here
  • If you have previous files uploaded, delete those 1st before adding new ones
  • Although you can add as many pictures as you like it is a good idea to keep it to 10-12 or so for speed (try it out)
  • Image Sizes – Try to use images that are sized right for your device:
    • Older Ipads – Sizes should be 640×480 or 1024×768
    • Newer Ipads – Sizes should be 1024×768 or Hi-res 2048×1536
    • Windows devices – Sizes should be something like 1920×1200
    • Smaller tablets and Androids – I’d probably try 640×480
  • Start your Slideshow Sign-In page early at your open to allow it some time to load all of your images
  • Test, make sure to test after uploading by Running a Slideshow Sign-In page from the My Account page

Be patient when uploading, some files can take a little while to upload depending on their size