Team Branding and Mortgage Professionals 2021

Team Branding for Mortgage Brokers

Perfect for Mortgage Professionals and Brokers.

Team Branding is a Powerful Marketing Tool for Mortgage Brokers.
Ensures that all Agent Partners have your Branding & Share Visitor Leads Automagically with YOU the Mortgage Partner as well.


Features for Mortage Pros, Teams & Brokers

Team Branding for Mortgage Professionals & Teams.
Perfect for those that partner with Real Estate Agents

Built on our Open House Wizard Visitor Registration Platform, Team Branding offers a unique value by allowing a Team Owner to offer full Open House Wizard Accounts to Agents who do Open Houses on a regular basis.

The Agent partner benefits by having a great tool for lead collection and conversion and the Team Owner benefits by having their Branding Information displayed at Open Houses whether they are in attendance or not.  The Team Owner also benefits by being copied on all Visitor Registrations as they occur.

While perfect for Mortgage Professionals who partner with Real Estate Agents, this service could also benefit Teams that wish to ensure the Team Branding is front and center at Open Houses.

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Open House Wizard Team Branding

How does it work?

Team Branding for Mortgage Professionals & Teams.

Our fully Team Branding Service allows the Team Owner's branding and contact info to be automatically displayed to Visitors at Open Houses.  The dual branding contains the Real Estate Agent Team Member or Partner's branding alongside the Team Owner or Broker's branding.  This branding is in place on the Smartphone Visitor Registration page, the QRCODE / TEXT Flyers and the Welcome to the Open House email to name a few places.

Visitor registration details are sent 'Live' as they occur to the hosting Agent as well as the Team Owner. They can also be sent to a CRM of choice.

For Loan Pros who partner with Real Estate Agents this service can provide a valuable service for their partner agents as well as help them grow their own business at the same time. 

Let's look at how you can use the Team Branding service...

Offer a Valuable Service to your Agent Partners

Not only will the Team Branding Service help you grow your own business it will also help your agent partners grow their own at the same time. 

How to do this:

  • Fully add your branding to your own account including full contact info, main image or headshot and a logo. *If using a CRM, request the connection under ADVANCED/CRM
  • Offer your agent partners slots on your 'Team' by adding them as Team Members.
  • There you can 'invite' Agents to your Team or even import them from a CSV file.
  • Each Agent will receive their own full Open House Wizard account with the exception that the Team Owner's branding will be shown alongside their own.
  • The Welcome to the Open email, the QRCODE Text Flyers and the Smartphone sign-in page and more will be automatically branded.
  • Agents and the Team Owner are copied on Visitor Sign-In details 'Live' as they occur.

Getting Started with Team Branding

Demo walkthrough from the Team 'Leader' perspective.

Getting Started with Team Branding

Demo walkthrough from the Agent 'Partner' perspective.

Got Questions?

*Websites Hosting and Support are Free for Open House Wizard clients, setup fees apply. **IDX is a Paid Add-on that can be purchased.