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What our customers are saying...

“Had no idea this service existed and nothing I’ve seen in this market and I go to and host a lot of Open’s. I think it will enhance “the look” and professionalism of the Opens”

Comment from a Recent Website Visitor

“It’s easy to customize – Your sign in screen can have a photo of your listing, headshot, personal message etc. It integrates flawlessly with my CRM – no data entry after the open house. With a CRM app on my phone integrated with Open House Wizard, I’m able to take notes seconds after guest sign in so I can capture the important information needed for follow up calls and emails. Overall: It helps me capture important information about what the guest at the open house are looking for and is amazingly easy to use.”

— Tom B., Real Estate Agent

“Since this uploads open house guests directly into my CRM, I can take notes during the open without any notice. This has made it much easier to remember who was who after the fact. Also, no messy handwriting!”

— Sara S., Real Estate Agent