Licensing Information

How the Open House Wizard Licensing Works


In General:

Each purchase of an Open House Wizard Account will grant you one active login or session on the website to run an open house.

If you need to run more than one Open House at the same time or if you would like more than one Sign In Station at a busy Open House then you would need a license for each concurrent Open House or Active Sign In Station.  If you have a Team, see the Team Licensing Info below.

License Sharing:

You can purchase one License and share it with others if you like, BUT - with only ONE License you cannot have more than one Open House running at the same time, or more than one Login at a time to the website. To Run multiple Open Houses at the same time simply purchase additional Licenses.

What Happens when a Second Open House Page is loaded at the same time?

If a login is made with your username and password & then a 2nd login is made on a different device with the same account username and password then the first login will be overridden or disconnected by the 2nd login.

After that you may see the Login page or a message like this:

Licensing Details ...

For Individual Accounts:

For Individuals that want their Leads to go to their personal Email Account or to their personal Account on a CRM or Lead Service then you would just need to purchase one license for each person individually.

For Team Accounts:

For Teams you can have a 'Main Account' that functions as the billing account. Then you can 'sponsor' or add accounts for Team Members.

To do this:

  • 1st of all choose your Open House Wizard product you wish to use and checkout normally. This will setup your initial or main Account.

  • Then for the 1st Team Member account:
    (which will be your actual 2nd Account)

  • Return to the Store page & Choose the same Open House Wizard Product

  • Then click the 'This is for a Team Member' checkbox on the Checkout page.

  • Fill in the Team Member's email address.

  • Checkout.

  • After this the Team member will be emailed their Login username and password.

  • Continue this process for more Team Members.