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Welcome to the 'Show Me How' Help  Page...

Below are a collection of 'Show me How' walkthroughs that cover most of the things you can do to use our site and to customize the Open House Sign-In Page to your liking.

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General - 'SHOW ME HOW' Walk-throughs

Run an Open House in 30 Seconds or Less

How to Choose an Open House Sign-In Page

Get Started Fast with the Quick Start Wizard

Navigating the 'My Account' Page

Connect Open House Wizard to a CRM or Lead Service

How to Get a Visitor's Feedback During Sign-In

Get Feedback AFTER Sign-In & Add Notes

Generate a Beautiful Seller Feedback Report

Customizing the Sign-In Page - 'SHOW ME HOW' Walk-throughs

Add or Change the Welcome Message

Add or Change the Notes and/or Open Address

Change the Main Image (Logo or Headshot)

Add or Change the Background Image

Customize the Visitor Welcome Email

Add Extra Questions and Change 'Required' Items

Add or Change Your Own Custom Questions

Add or Change the Slideshow Images

Add or Change the Broker's Open Welcome Message

Add or Change your Disclaimer or Disclosure

YouTube Video Page - How to Add or Change

Add Extra Emails for Partners or Teams

CO-Branding - Add Partner's Name/Phone/Logo & Info