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2021 Help COOP Page

The COOP Partners Page

How does the Open House Wizard COOP service work?  The COOP Partners service allows you to Add Agents that you attend open houses with and then that Agent's branding and contact info is shown alongside your own.  Leads are sent to both the Agent and yourself. 

The Smartphone Visitor Registration page, the Welcome to the Open House email and more are co-branded.

Unlike our 'Branded Subscription' service, this service does NOT provide an Open House Wizard account for Agent partners.  This service is meant to be used by those that partner with multiple agents, attend their open houses but do not wish to provide them with their own Open House Wizard account. 

To offer Agents their own full accounts but still have your Branding in place you would instead use the 'Branded Subscription' service.  You can upgrade to it by ordering it on the Store page.

Add Partners & Activate them

Here you can Add, Edit, Activate & Remove Agent partners.  To start, just Add an agent and provide their contact info, a headshot and their company logo. 

When you want to attend an open house with an Agent partner, simply click the button shown next to their info under the Activate YN column. 

The column will show NO for not activated and YES for activated.

Activating an agent means that their branding will show alongside your own and they will be copied on all visitor registration details 'Live' as they occur.