NEW – Custom Thank You Message with Links & Custom Disclosures

Add a custom Thank You message that Visitors will see on their Smartphones after successfully signing in to your open house.  You can also include downloadable files or links to Tours or other content. Check it out!

NEW – Custom Disclosures or Disclaimers.

Add a Custom Disclosure (such as an Open House Covid Disclosure) that Visitors need to agree to before signing in. Check it out!

Custom Smartphone Sign-In Page

Now allows custom and additional questions as well as your Branding including Colors, Fonts and more.  Enable questions and branding on the Smartphone Settings page.  Check it out!

TEXT & QRCODE Flyers – (Printable)

NEW! Easily generate a professional & beautiful TEXT or QRCODE Sign In Flyer for your next Open House. Check it out!

TEXT & QRCODE Sign-In are being Added to Most Sign-in pages.

Use these amazing Sign-In tools with your favorite Sign-In page template.
Enable or Disable this Feature on the Smartphone Settings page. Check it out!

TEXT Sign-In is Now part of the Touch-Free Sign-in page.

So now your Visitors can choose to Text for Sign-In or scan the QRCODE.  This gives Visitors more flexibility on how they choose to sign-in.  Check it out!

Websites are now Here for Open House Wizard Subscribers

These websites are not only beautiful to look at but behind the scenes they are Lead producing and Converting machines. Perfect for Teams, Agents & Brokers. Check it out!


Create a Sign-In Flyer

Buyers can TEXT or Scan your QRCODE to Sign In.

After completion the flyer will be sent to your email address within a few minutes. Print it and even email it to potential buyers to advertise your Open so they can preregister for the open house.

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The Dashboard at a Glance – Your Settings

The Dashboard at a Glance – Your Branding

The Dashboard at a Glance – Marketing

The Dashboard at a Glance – Advanced


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Adding extra fields can add to the height of the form. Test on your device after adding questions to see if it looks good.

Smartphone Sign-In Page Settings

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Account & Billing Page

View Visitor Sign-Ins Live

To ADD Notes to Visitors – Click ‘Enable’ or ‘Toggle’ Inline Edit

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Add the Main Images

Personalize the Open House Sign-In Pages with a background image, a headshot image and a logo.

Note: The Text & QRCODE Smartphone Sign-In Page Supports the Main Image and Logo.

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Branding – Colors & Fonts

While the default colors and fonts are pretty good, some would prefer a way to set their own style to better match their branding.  Scroll down to see Examples of the Fonts, Colors & Prebuilt Color/Font Schemes below. Choose your settings below.

Scroll to the Bottom of the page to RESET ALL Settings to Defaults.

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