Branding – Extra Images

Add up to three additional images.
These Images work on the ‘Corporate Style’ & ‘Popup II’ style pages only.

This screenshot shows the page running on an Ipad with a gray color scheme & 3 images at top and the center one is rounded.

IMPORTANT: If multiple images are used and some are excessively wide they can overlap each other, so test the sign-in page after uploading your images to make sure it looks right.

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NEW & IMPROVED – Visitor Feedback Features Updated & Upgraded

Now you can enable Feedback for the QRCODE/Text Smartphone Registration page

This allows you to capture visitor feedback without even having to ask for it!

How it works:

  • After a Visitor Registers on their Smartphone they will see the ‘Add Feedback’ button.
  • The Visitor can then add feedback on our easy and fast feedback form.
  • You will receive an email with their Feedback and the Feedback is added to their Visitor details on Open House Wizard.
  • You can also view feedback on the ‘View Sign-Ins’ page.
  • After the Open you can generate a Visitor Feedback report in PDF format or download the feedback to a CSV or Excel format.

To enable Feedback, enable Feedback under the Dashboard / Your Settings / Questions and Settings


NEW – Signed PDF Disclosures & Visitor Signature Capture

If you are required to have a visitor view and sign disclosures before attending an Open House this can make life a LOT easier!

The Signed PDFs Add-on is now available and builds on our existing Disclosure capabilities. (See it on the Smartphone settings page.)

How it works:

  • Visitors are shown your disclosure text as well as links to view your PDF disclosures.
  • The Visitor can then sign and proceed to the Open House Registration page.
  • Visitors also have the option to have the signed PDF emailed to them as well.
  • Agents can also opt to be copied on the signed PDF also.

To add it to your account, visit the Pricing page and you will see the Signed PDFs Add-on there. After ordering it, we will provide a form where you can upload your disclosure(s) and any instructions to support.


NEW – Easier Usability for the Forewarn App and other Security Apps

Security is an important topic in Real Estate and the great news is that more and more state of the art security apps are being released all the time.

We have added a feature to Copy a Visitors phone number so that it can be used in security apps such as Forewarn to speed up the lookup process. 

To use this feature, just open ‘View Visitors Live’ from the Dashboard, or login to on your Smartphone. On the Visitors list you’ll see a new button labeled ‘Copy Visitor Phone Number’.  Click the button then switch to your Forewarn App or other security App and paste the number there on the lookup page.

NEW – Branded Subscriptions

Branded smartphone

Perfect for Mortgage Professionals, Teams & Brokers.

Similar to our Coop Co-Branding Service except each Agent Partner receives their own Open House Wizard Subscription.

Our fully branded Team Subscription allows the Team Owner’s branding and contact info to be automatically displayed to Visitors at Open Houses.  The dual branding contains the Real Estate Agent Team Member or Partner’s branding alongside the Team Owner or Broker’s branding.  This branding is in place on the Smartphone Visitor Registration page, the QRCODE / TEXT Flyers and the Welcome to the Open House email to name a few places.

Visitor registration details are sent ‘Live’ as they occur to the hosting Agent as well as the Team Owner. They can also be sent to a CRM of choice.

For Loan Pros and Home Loan Consultants who partner with Real Estate Agents for Open Houses this service can provide a valuable service for their partner agents as well as help them grow their own business at the same time. See more details on our Team page or for pricing and ordering info here.

NEW – Properties, Events, Visitors & Flyers page – Manage them all in one place.

Everything Flyers, Visitors, Opens and Events can be managed with ease. Here are some of the highlights:

Choose from multiple flyer designs including those with options for bedrooms, bathrooms and other property details with more designs being added all the time.

  • View all of your Properties / Opens / Events and the number of registered visitors for each one.
  • Add / Edit / Remove your saved Properties / Opens / Events.
  • Flyer Images and other details are saved with the property.  Why is this great?  Well if you want to redo an open for a property on a future date & reprint a flyer, all of the flyer information is already saved.
  • Add a unique Welcome Email with its own image and attachment to each property, open or event.
  • Add unique Smartphone settings to each property, open or event.  These can include a custom thank you message after a Visitor registers as well as download links and/or files,  all shown on the Visitor’s smartphone.
  • View / Edit and Manage Visitors for each  open or event. 
  • Download property specific QRCODEs that can be used for an Open or Event on your own flyer design.  Coming soon will be a Rider QRCODE that will show  your own property details page.

NEW – Coop Flyers and Coop Partner Rosters.

Coop Flyers

Our Coop / Co-Branding Visitor Registration service is perfect for Loan Officers or for Agents who work within a small team and partner up for open houses.

Coop Agent Rosters

The new Coop Co-Branding service features some great improvements. Among them are:

  • Coop / Co-Branding Flyers.  These can display both the host and a partner’s branding information.  Behind the scenes leads can be delivered to both parties of course.
  • Another great feature will be the Coop Partner management page.  Here you can add, remove, change and activate coop partners.  Unlimited partners can be added as well.  
  • Coop Smartphone Visitor Registration page.  Visitors will be able to sign-in via Text or Qrcode on their smartphones and your co-branding will be shown on the page.

NEW – Saved Property Addresses. 

Now all properties added through the QRCODE / Text Flyer page or other areas will now be saved in your account.  From a pull-down menu you can now choose the previously loaded Address and it will load the settings.

The saved addresses will work forever on the QRCODE / Text Flyer they are printed on.  So if you print a flyer, then do an open 2 months from now it will automatically link to the saved address for that flyer!

NEW – Two new FLYER Design Options. 

These two new Flyers support more fields including: Bedroom, Bathroom, Square Footage & Year Built.

The address field now includes a separate Street, City, State and Zip field.


COMING SOON – TEXT Activated Property Details from Riders. 

Each saved property will have its very own TEXT Code.  This code is linked to your account.

A link will be sent to anyone Texting the code from the rider with a link to a property page. That page can include details such as a description of the property, images, downloads, links, floorplans, your information and a contact or showing request form. 

NEW – User Dashboard

Based on your great feedback we have launched a new Dashboard.  The new Dashboard is very similar in layout as the older one so it should be quite easy to navigate and find what you need.  The biggest change is SPEED.  Once loaded you’ll notice that links open INSTANTLY, so this should be a big timesaver for all of our clients. 

As always, we’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions for changes or additions. 

Custom Thank You Message with Links & Custom Disclosures

Add a custom Thank You message that Visitors will see after registering for the open house on their smartphone.  You can also include downloadable files or links to Tours or other content. Check it out on the left menu under: YOUR SETTINGS / SMARTPHONE

Custom Disclosures or Disclaimers.

Add a Custom Disclosure (such as an Open House Covid Disclosure) that Visitors need to agree to before signing in. Check it out on the left menu under: YOUR SETTINGS / SMARTPHONE

Custom Smartphone Sign-In Page

Now allows custom and additional questions as well as your Branding including Colors, Fonts and more.  Enable questions and branding on the Smartphone Settings page. Check it out on the left menu under: YOUR SETTINGS / SMARTPHONE

TEXT & QRCODE Flyers – (Printable)

NEW! Easily generate a professional & beautiful TEXT or QRCODE Sign In Flyer for your next Open House. Check it out on the left menu under: QRCODE FLYER

TEXT & QRCODE Sign-In are being Added to Most Sign-in pages.

Use these amazing Sign-In tools with your favorite Sign-In page template.
Enable or Disable this Feature on the Smartphone Settings page. Check it out on the left menu under: YOUR SETTINGS / SMARTPHONE

TEXT Sign-In is Now part of the Touch-Free Sign-in page.

So now your Visitors can choose to Text for Sign-In or scan the QRCODE.  This gives Visitors more flexibility on how they choose to sign-in. Check it out on the left menu under: YOUR SETTINGS / SMARTPHONE

Websites are now Here for Open House Wizard Subscribers

These websites are not only beautiful to look at but behind the scenes they are Lead producing and Converting machines. Perfect for Teams, Agents & Brokers. Check it out!


Create a QUICK Sign-In Flyer

Please Note: Quick Flyers are meant to used for those in a hurry or who do not want to print a Flyer for each different property. For full functionality we highly recommend the Advanced Flyer. (Link on the left)

Please note, the Flyers look their best when ALL Images & information is added before creating.

Oops, you need to be logged in to see this page!

Buyers can TEXT or Scan your QRCODE to Sign In.
Note about the Quick Flyers, these can be created once and used over and over again. To reuse this flyer for future opens with the same images, just change the Open Address under YOUR SETTINGS/YOUR DETAILS on the left.

After completion the flyer will be sent to your email address within a few minutes. Print it and even email it to potential buyers to advertise your Open so they can preregister for the open house.

Full Page Flyer

Half Page Flyer with QRCODE Scanning Instructions

Your Properties, Opens, Events & Visitors
Create an Advanced Flyer & Manage Visitors & Properties.

Click below to open the Properties, Flyers & Visitors page.


Manage Branded Agent Partners
Add / Remove Agents, Create Branded Flyers, View Visitors & Properties.

Click below to open the Branded Agents page.

MANAGE YOUR TEAMAdd/Remove Agents, Create Flyers, View Visitors & Properties

The Properties Page is Coming Soon!

The Dashboard at a Glance – Your Settings

*** Menu Overview Below ***

The Dashboard at a Glance – Your Branding

*** Menu Overview Below ***

The Dashboard at a Glance – Marketing

*** Menu Overview Below ***

The Dashboard at a Glance – Advanced

*** Menu Overview Below ***


Oops! You need to be logged in to use this form.




Oops! You need to be logged in to use this form.

Adding extra fields can add to the height of the form. Test on your device after adding questions to see if it looks good.

Smartphone Sign-In Page Settings

Oops! You need to be logged in to use this form.


The Help page is ‘Show Me How’ Walkthroughs are currently being upgraded to reflect the settings for the New 2021 Dashboard.

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Account & Billing Page


View Visitor Sign-Ins Live

To ADD Notes to Visitors – Click ‘Enable’ or ‘Toggle’ Inline Edit

Loading Visitors, Please Wait…

Add the Main Images

Personalize the Open House Sign-In Pages with a background image, a headshot image and a logo.

Note: The Text & QRCODE Smartphone Sign-In Page Supports the Main Image and Logo.

Oops! You need to be logged in to use this form.

Branding – Colors & Fonts

While the default colors and fonts are pretty good, some would prefer a way to set their own style to better match their branding.  Scroll down to see Examples of the Fonts, Colors & Prebuilt Color/Font Schemes below. Choose your settings below.

Scroll to the Bottom of the page to RESET ALL Settings to Defaults.

Your current Color & Font Scheme is shown below in the Wizard’s Magic Ball.

Smartphone page color:

Sorry. You must be logged in to view this form.

Branding – The Video Sign-In Page

You can take your great Youtube or VIMEO Property Walk-through Videos or any Youtube / VIMEO Video and Show it on the Sign-In Page Screen.

The Video Sign-In page requires a PAID Account.

To Get Started: Just copy your Youtube or VIMEO url and Paste it in the box below. After that you can run the Video Page from the My Account Page Premium Page Section or All Open Houses page.

This Video Sign-In Page Runs on Almost Anything, Windows, Android, Ipads*, Macs*, Chromebooks, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.

*IMPORTANT: Some Older Ipads may not display the video correctly. For Ipads & Macs we recommend iOS v13 or Higher. If you do not see a Video on your Ipad after adding your Video, then you probably have an older Ipad & may try to update it to a newer iOS.

Oops! You need to be logged in to use this form.

Branding – The Slidehow Page

Slideshow Image Uploader *Only works with paid accounts
Note: Image Uploader may not work well with some older Ipads

Tips and recommendations:
For Full Instructions on How to Use, Click Here

If you have previous files uploaded, delete those 1st before adding new ones

Although you can add as many pictures as you like it is a good idea to keep it to 10-12 or so for speed (try it out)

Image Sizes – Try to use images that are sized right for your device:

Older Ipads – Sizes should be 640×480 or 1024×768

Newer Ipads – Sizes should be 1024×768 or Hi-res 2048×1536

Windows devices – Sizes should be something like 1920×1200

Smaller tablets and Androids – I’d probably try 640×480

Start your Slideshow Sign-In page early at your open to allow it some time to load all of your images

Test, make sure to test after uploading by Running a Slideshow Sign-In page from the My Account page

Be patient when uploading, some files can take a little while to upload depending on their size

Marketing – The Welcome Email

This Email will be Sent Instantly to Your Visitors After they Sign-In

Make sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom of this section to save your changes. To Test the Welcome Email, Scroll to the Bottom of the Page to the Test App.

Oops! You need to be logged in to use this form.
Enter the name and email address you want to use for the test, then Click TEST.
Choose REGULAR to test a regular welcome email or COOP to test a COOP Welcome Email. (Co-Branded)
For COOP, 1st Add & Activate a COOP Partner. (on the left under ADVANCED/COOP PARTNERS)
IMPORTANT: After activating a partner, reload this page before testing the COOP Welcome Email.

Sorry. You must be logged in to view this form.

Marketing – Text Message Settings

Text a Welcome Message to Your Visitor’s Cell Phone

Please Note, All Drip Emails have an option to be sent as TEXT or Email.

NOTE: To disable the Welcome Email so Visitors do not receive both a TEXT and an Email Welcome, set  ‘Send Welcome Email’ to No. (On Customize menu)

IMPORTANT: If you have not already done this, before using texting there are two things you need to do:

1. Order the TEXT Add-On from the Store Page

2. Contact Support to Have Us Add Texting to Your Account

Oops! You need to be logged in to use this form.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended to do a test by doing a Visitor Sign-In to ensure the Welcome Message goes to your cell phone correctly.

Marketing – Drip Campaigns

Marketing: Setup an Open House Drip Campaign

To use TEXT, the TEXT Add-on is required.  If you’d like to add it, Click Here

Send TEXT Drips with our TEXT Add-on

Here you can activate your own open house Email or TEXT drip campaign. Our campaign will send up to 7 Emails or TEXT Messages to your signed in Visitors.

You can just activate the Drip Campaign and use our pre-built drip email/texts or you can edit and change each individual drip’s message body and email subject.


To use our prebuilt drip campaigns, just click Enable ALL Drips.  Or you can choose to customize each drip and enable/disable each individually below.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to test the drips before using for an Open House.

[sp_easyaccordion id=”29461″]

Customize or Enable / Disable Individual Drips Below (Optional)

Oops! You need to be logged in to use this form.

Marketing – Drip Status

View & Manage Running Drip Campaigns

Below is a list of Visitors that have signed in at your Open Houses.  If you have enabled Drip Campaigns the Visitors that have signed in since you enabled the drips will have been placed on your drip campaign.
*Unless they chose ‘Yes’ to working with an agent.

The statuses are:

  • Pending – A Running Drip Campaign that has not finished yet
  • Complete – Drip finished or its a Completed Visitor sign-in without a Drip Campaign
  • Cancelled – Drip Campaign that has been cancelled
    *Visitors can cancel by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the drip email

To cancel a Drip Campaign manually:

1. Click the ID# of the Visitor *on the Main Drip Status page

2. Click the ‘Select an Action’ Dropdown Menu

3. Select ‘Cancel Drip Campaign’

4. Click ‘Apply’


RELOAD DRIP STATUS PAGEOr Click Drip Status Tab Above

Loading Drip Campaigns, Please Wait…

Marketing – Website Drips

Website Marketing: Setup a Drip Email Campaign

Here you can activate your own Website Visitors email drip campaign. Our campaign will send up to 4 emails to your Website Visitors. *If you have a website setup with us

You can just activate the Drip Campaign and use our pre-built drip emails or you can edit and change each individual email’s subject, message body and whether you want to use our pre-built signature or not.

Drip Campaigns by Listing Leads 2 Clients (LL2C)

Use our incredibly easy Drip Campaigns to Convert your LEADS into CLIENTS

Currently you can send customized drip emails to 7 different types of website Inquiries, they include Inquiries from a Property or Listing Page, the Agent Profile page, the Contact Us page (General, Buyer, Seller or ‘Buyer & Seller‘ targets) and the Home Value Landing page. In addition if you create your own landing pages you can set the form target to be any of those categories. (Buyer, Seller etc.) These emails are sent as if they are coming from you. 

This Feature Coming Soon!

Marketing – Website Emails

Customize Website Autoresponder Emails Sent to Visitors

This is entirely Optional since our default visitor autoresponder emails sent on your behalf are great, but for those that would like to customize them – have at it!

Here you can customize every email that a Visitor receives after filling out a form on your website. These include the forms on the:

  • Agent Detail Page
  • General Contact form (if you are picked as the Agent there or use it as a landing page)
  • Buyers Page (if you are using it as a Landing page)
  • Sellers Page (if you are using it as a Landing page)
  • Any other page (if you are using it as a Landing page)

This Feature Coming Soon!



Oops! You need to be logged in to use this form.

To further customize your account & branding, use the ‘CUSTOMIZE ‘ item on the left.
IMPORTANT: Check your changes by doing a ‘test’ Visitor Sign-In.

Leads & Visitors

Click Below to Open Leads & Visitor Management

There you can edit, remove and export your Leads and Visitors from Open Houses.


Tools – Copy Settings

Copy Settings from Another Agent – Great for those on a Team

Here you can copy most settings from another agent with an Open House Wizard account.

Some of the main items that will copy:

  • Questions and Settings
  • Open House Welcome Message
  • Colors and Font Choices
  • Background and Logo Images
  • Welcome Email Contents
  • Drip Campaign Settings and Content

What will NOT copy:

  • Name, Phone & Email
  • Main Image (Usually your headshot)
  • Disclaimer
  • Welcome Email Image
  • Leads or Other Sensitive Information

Enter the Email Address of your Team Member whom you would like to copy settings from.
*This must be the SAME email they signed up with

Sorry, this feature only works with PAID accounts.

Tools – Feedback

Generate Automatic or Custom Seller Feedback Reports

Once you have collected Feedback from Open House Visitors, the Sellers Feedback Report is a Great Tool to Easily Generate a Report to Send to your Sellers…

Here you Can:

  • Generate an Automatic PDF Feedback Report
  • Add Your Own Custom Message to the Seller on the Report
  • Edit or ‘Fixup’ any of the Visitor Entries before Generating the Reports
  • Print the Feedback Report
  • Export Feedback to Excel or CSV to Create Your Own Custom Report

To Get Started:

1st – Checkout ‘How to Get & Use Visitor Feedback’ & Generate a Feedback Report

Then –

  • Add your (Optional) Message for the Seller to the Report Below
  • Run the Report
    • Click Today for an Open you ran Today
    • Click Sunday for an Open run last Sunday
    • Click Saturday for an Open run last Saturday
  • After that, Choose PDF, Excel, Print or CSV on the Report page

Oops! You need to be logged in to use this form.


Choose Your Report:

[maxbutton id="88"]

[maxbutton id="90"]

[maxbutton id="91"]

IMPORTANT: If you wish to do more advanced editing like deleting entries & more, please use the Visitors & Leads Management tool (shown on a Tab above) before running the Feedback Report.


Advanced – Connect to CRM

Connect your CRM or Lead Service to your Account

To connect:

  • Click or Tap your CRM or Lead Service from the List of Our ‘Most Popular’ Supported CRMs and Lead Services Below
    *If your CRM or Lead service is not listed, chances are we can still connect.
    **We currently support up to 1500+ CRM and Lead Services connections.
  • Follow the instructions to find the information we need to setup your connection
  • Then add it under the CRM or Lead Service below and Click SUBMIT
  • Once the page reloads you are done

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Manager Coop Partners – ADD & ACTIVATE
NEW Co-Branding Management Portal. Easier to manage Coop Partners & a great tool for Loan Officers or others who want to co-brand such a small Teams.
New features include Co-Branding QRCODE / TEXT Flyers, a Co-Branded Smartphone Sign-In Page, Co-Branded Open House Welcome Email and an upgraded ‘Classic’ COOP Sign-In page.

Click below to open the Coop Partner Management page.


Advanced – Websites

Below are your Website details & Important links.

Your Website & Domain name(s):

Website(s) you belong to:

[showdomains1] [website_belonged_to1]

Account, Billing & Team

Add/Remove/Change/Import Agents  |  Add/Remove Payment Types

You are unauthorized to view this page.