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5 Reasons You Need an Open House Sign-In App – NOW…

5 Reasons You Need an Open House Sign-In App - NOW...


Sure, an Open House Sign-In APP seems like a good idea but why bother using one when the 'old way' works perfectly fine?

Checkout the Top 5 reasons below.

*Perhaps the Top Reason is its FREE!
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#1 Maximize your Open House Lead Conversion

Automating the Sign-In page allows your Visitor's information to flow instantly to your Email or CRM system without any extra work or effort on your part.  You can watch the Open House Sign Ins Live as they happen and see your Visitor's Sign In Information instantly with details such as their Name, Phone #, "Working with an Agent?" & more.  You can also record notes or other information to make followup a breeze.

Welcome email

#2 Impress your Visitors with your Tech Savvy

Besides a Beautiful Open House Sign In Screen, your Visitors can automatically receive a 'Welcome to the Open House' email as soon as they Sign In. This email can be fully customized with your own Welcome Message, your Contact Information, your Headshot or Logo, Details or Links for the House, Floorplans, you name it!


#3 Reinforce Your Branding to Visitors

Using a customizable Open House Sign-In page and/or Broker's Open Register / Feedback page allows you to add your own custom message.  Additionally, you can customize the page with Your Logo / Headshot or Image of choice as well as the background image itself.  Those are shown to Visitors as part of the Sign-In page along with your contact information.


#4 Gain a Competitive Edge Over Other Agents

We all know the Real Estate business is extremely competitive. You need every tool and advantage working for you to give you the edge over other agents.  Our Open House Sign-In page can give you that extra little bit of edge.  The faster Visitors get on your radar and receive your emails, texts or calls, the better chance of converting them to a client.


#5 Client Privacy Concerns are Alleviated

Using our digital Sign-In page allows your Visitors to leave their private contact information in complete privacy since the form clears after each sign-in.  Some Visitors don't like to write their personal information on a public paper sign-in sheet that everyone coming through can see.  Likewise, it protects your client data from unscrupulous individuals who might capture your sign-in sheet via their cell camera.  Think that would never happen? Think again!




Bonus Reason #6 - The Dog Can't Eat Your Sign-In App

Okay maybe a little far fetched, but paper is an outdated way to manage data & contacts.  Just remember, wayyy back in the old days everyone rode horses, but at some point even the most stubborn horse riders had to start driving a car.