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Create a QUICK Sign-In Flyer

Would you like your own Custom Flyer?

Please Note: Quick Flyers are meant to used for those in a hurry or who do not want to print a Flyer for each different property. 

NOTICE:  Viewing Visitor Registrations will not if using Quick Flyers.
For full functionality we highly recommend a Property Flyer .
(Use the ‘Properties, Flyers’ Tab or from the menu.)

Please note, the Flyers look their best when ALL Images & information is added before creating.

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Buyers can TEXT (Paid Subscriptions) or Scan your QRCODE to Sign In.
Note about the Quick Flyers, these can be created once and used over and over again. To reuse this flyer for future opens with the same images, just change the Open Address under the ‘SETTINGS’ / ‘YOUR DETAILS’ Tabs above.

After completion the flyer will be sent to your email address within a few minutes. Print it and even email it to potential buyers to advertise your Open so they can preregister for the open house.

Half Page Flyer with QRCODE Scanning Instructions