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Properties, Flyers & Visitors

Our Coop / Co-Branding Visitor Registration service is perfect for Loan Officers or for Agents who work within a small team and partner up for open houses.

Our Coop Co-Branding service is going to be upgraded soon and will feature some great improvements. Among them are:

  • Coop / Co-Branding Flyers.  These can display both the host and a partner’s branding information.  Behind the scenes leads can be delivered to both parties of course.
  • Another great feature will be the Coop Partner management page.  Here you can add, remove, change and activate coop partners.  Unlimited partners can be added as well.  
  • Coop Smartphone Visitor Registration page.  Visitors will be able to sign-in via Text or Qrcode on their smartphones and your co-branding will be shown on the page.

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Buyers can TEXT or Scan your QRCODE to Sign In. To reuse this flyer for future opens with the same images, just change the Open Address under YOUR SETTINGS/YOUR DETAILS on the left.

After completion the flyer will be sent to your email address within a few minutes. Print it and even email it to potential buyers to advertise your Open so they can preregister for the open house.

Full Page Flyer

Half Page Flyer with QRCODE Scanning Instructions



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