NEW & IMPROVED – Visitor Feedback Features Updated & Upgraded

Now you can enable Feedback for the QRCODE/Text Smartphone Registration page

This allows you to capture visitor feedback without even having to ask for it!

How it works:

  • After a Visitor Registers on their Smartphone they will see the ‘Add Feedback’ button.
  • The Visitor can then add feedback on our easy and fast feedback form.
  • You will receive an email with their Feedback and the Feedback is added to their Visitor details on Open House Wizard.
  • You can also view feedback on the ‘View Sign-Ins’ page.
  • After the Open you can generate a Visitor Feedback report in PDF format or download the feedback to a CSV or Excel format.

To enable Feedback, enable Feedback under the Dashboard / Your Settings / Questions and Settings

NEW – Signed PDF Disclosures & Visitor Signature Capture

If you are required to have a visitor view and sign disclosures before attending an Open House this can make life a LOT easier!

The Signed PDFs Add-on is now available and builds on our existing Disclosure capabilities. (See it on the Smartphone settings page.)

How it works:

  • Visitors are shown your disclosure text as well as links to view your PDF disclosures.
  • The Visitor can then sign and proceed to the Open House Registration page.
  • Visitors also have the option to have the signed PDF emailed to them as well.
  • Agents can also opt to be copied on the signed PDF also.

To add it to your account, visit the Pricing page and you will see the Signed PDFs Add-on there. After ordering it, we will provide a form where you can upload your disclosure(s) and any instructions to support.

NEW – Easier Usability for the Forewarn App and other Security Apps

This can make it a lot easier to use a Security App

Security is an important topic in Real Estate and the great news is that more and more state of the art security apps are being released all the time.

We have added a feature to Copy a Visitors phone number so that it can be used in security apps such as Forewarn to speed up the lookup process. 

To use this feature, just open ‘View Visitors Live’ from the Dashboard, or login to on your Smartphone. On the Visitors list you’ll see a new button labeled ‘Copy Visitor Phone Number’.  Click the button then switch to your Forewarn App or other security App and paste the number there on the lookup page.

NEW – Branded Subscriptions

Perfect for Mortgage Professionals, Teams & Brokers.

Similar to our Coop Co-Branding Service except each Agent Partner receives their own Open House Wizard Subscription.

Our fully branded Team Subscription allows the Team Owner’s branding and contact info to be automatically displayed to Visitors at Open Houses.  The dual branding contains the Real Estate Agent Team Member or Partner’s branding alongside the Team Owner or Broker’s branding.  This branding is in place on the Smartphone Visitor Registration page, the QRCODE / TEXT Flyers and the Welcome to the Open House email to name a few places.

Visitor registration details are sent ‘Live’ as they occur to the hosting Agent as well as the Team Owner. They can also be sent to a CRM of choice.

For Loan Pros and Home Loan Consultants who partner with Real Estate Agents for Open Houses this service can provide a valuable service for their partner agents as well as help them grow their own business at the same time. See more details on our Team page or for pricing and ordering info here.

NEW – Properties, Events, Visitors & Flyers page – Manage them all in one place.

Everything Flyers, Visitors, Opens and Events can be managed with ease. Here are some of the highlights:

Choose from multiple flyer designs including those with options for bedrooms, bathrooms and other property details with more designs being added all the time.

  • View all of your Properties / Opens / Events and the number of registered visitors for each one.
  • Add / Edit / Remove your saved Properties / Opens / Events.
  • Flyer Images and other details are saved with the property.  Why is this great?  Well if you want to redo an open for a property on a future date & reprint a flyer, all of the flyer information is already saved.
  • Add a unique Welcome Email with its own image and attachment to each property, open or event.
  • Add unique Smartphone settings to each property, open or event.  These can include a custom thank you message after a Visitor registers as well as download links and/or files,  all shown on the Visitor’s smartphone.
  • View / Edit and Manage Visitors for each  open or event. 
  • Download property specific QRCODEs that can be used for an Open or Event on your own flyer design.  Coming soon will be a Rider QRCODE that will show  your own property details page.

NEW – Coop Flyers and Coop Partner Rosters.

Everything Flyers, Visitors, Opens and Events can be managed with ease. Here are some of the highlights:

Our Coop / Co-Branding Visitor Registration service is perfect for Loan Officers or for Agents who work within a small team and partner up for open houses.

Coop Agent Rosters

The new Coop Co-Branding service features some great improvements. Among them are:

  • Coop / Co-Branding Flyers.  These can display both the host and a partner’s branding information.  Behind the scenes leads can be delivered to both parties of course.
  • Another great feature will be the Coop Partner management page.  Here you can add, remove, change and activate coop partners.  Unlimited partners can be added as well.  
  • Coop Smartphone Visitor Registration page.  Visitors will be able to sign-in via Text or Qrcode on their smartphones and your co-branding will be shown on the page.

NEW - Custom Thank You Message with Links & Custom Disclosures

Custom Thank You Message with Links & Custom Disclosures

Add a custom Thank You message that Visitors will see after registering for the open house on their smartphone.  You can also include downloadable files or links to Tours or other content. Check it out on the left menu under: YOUR SETTINGS / SMARTPHONE

Custom Disclosures or Disclaimers.

Add a Custom Disclosure (such as an Open House Covid Disclosure) that Visitors need to agree to before signing in. Check it out on the left menu under: YOUR SETTINGS / SMARTPHONE

Custom Smartphone Sign-In Page

Now allows custom and additional questions as well as your Branding including Colors, Fonts and more.  Enable questions and branding on the Smartphone Settings page. Check it out on the left menu under: YOUR SETTINGS / SMARTPHONE

TEXT & QRCODE Flyers – (Printable)

NEW! Easily generate a professional & beautiful TEXT or QRCODE Sign In Flyer for your next Open House.

Use these amazing Sign-In tools with your favorite Sign-In page template.
Enable or Disable this Feature on the Smartphone Settings page. 

So now your Visitors can choose to Text for Sign-In or scan the QRCODE.  This gives Visitors more flexibility on how they choose to sign-in. 

Check it out on the under: FLYERS / PROPERTIES, or FAST QRCODE FLYERS.