Add up to three additional images.
These Images work on the 'Corporate Style' & 'Popup II' style pages only.

This screenshot shows the page running on an Ipad with a gray color scheme & 3 images at top and the center one is rounded.

IMPORTANT: If multiple images are used and some are excessively wide they can overlap each other, so test the sign-in page after uploading your images to make sure it looks right.

If you are using a Tablet with a small screen and have added multiple questions as well, then there is a possibility that together with the added images the sign-in page may not fit on the tablet's screen. If that is the case, remove some of the added questions to make it fit correctly.

Make sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom of this section to save your changes.

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IMPORTANT: Make sure to Click the SAVE button above to save any changes & it is strongly recommended to do a test by doing a Visitor Sign-In and makes sure the Disclaimer shows correctly.

Test your changes by loading a Sign-In Page

Run the Corporate Style II PageWith your Uploaded Background (If any)

Run the Corporate Style PageWith your Uploaded Background (If any)