Getting Started

Getting Started Quickly is very easy to do!
Checkout the Navigation Menu Tour and then Getting Started Parts I & II below.

The Smartphone Menu

View Visitors Allows you to View All Visitors at once or view visitors by Property.  When doing an Open House the Visitors will show here automatically as they register.

Properties & Flyers is probably the main page you may use all the time.  Here you can:

Add/edit new properties (for Open Houses)
Check out Visitors for each property
Create Flyers for each property

Use Settings to:
Customize your details (Name. Company, etc.)
Preferences for questions & settings
Your Branding (colors, fonts, images)
Smartphone Settings
Your Account & Billing

Use Marketing to:
Setup & Customize a Visitor Welcome Email (received after they register)
Setup & Customize a Welcome Text *Text Messaging Add-on needed
Email & Text Messaging Drip Campaigns (customize, enable/disable and stop running drips if needed)

Manage Your Team Here
Add / Remove / Edit Team Members
View Member’s Visitors *If member has allowed this
View / Edit a Member’s Properties
Create a Flyer for a Member

Coop Partners allows you to:
Add ‘Virtual’ Coop Partners that can be ‘Activated’
Partners can be added to Flyers, Open House sign-in pages, Welcome Email
They can also receive a copy of Visitor Details via email as they register

Quick Flyers allow you to Create a Flyer with just a few clicks
Do not have as much functionality as Property Flyers
Do not have any choices for designs, colors, Teams & Coop Partner Flyers

Quick Start is a great place to start if you have just signed up with a new account

Help & Support (This page)
Contact Support anytime!


1st, Lets Check and edit your Info, Settings & Images. Then Generate a Quick Flyer.

Use Settings – Details to Check / Add / Edit your main information
(Email, Broker name or Company, Disclaimer, etc.)

Use Quick Settings to Adjust Questions / Settings Preferences

Questions & Settings allows some Advanced Question functionality such as adding custom questions

Add or Change your Headshot/Main Image and Logo

Generate a ‘Quick Flyer’ (yes it is quick!)

Under Properties you can Add a Property and then Create a Flyer for the Property *More info on this in Part II
(Property Flyers are also quick but offer more features)
Flyers are sent to your email once created

Once received you can print the Flyer, then display it at your Open House for Visitors to use to sign in on their Smartphones by scanning the QRCODE or Texting.


Add a Property, Add a Property Flyer & View a Property’s Visitors.

View an Open House’s Visitors:
Click Properties, then choose a property then view visitors
On the Visitor list you can click View on any visitor to view their details
You can also Edit and Remove Visitors from here as well

Create a Flyer for a Property
Create a Flyer: Click Properties, Choose a Property then Add Flyer
Make sure all info and Images are correct then choose a Flyer Design then click Create Flyer
(It will be emailed you you)

Add a Property
Click Properties, Click Add Property, then add property address, images and info