Setup an Open House Drip Campaign.

Your Open House Leads are flowing directly into your CRM, now what??  Well, you need to have them also automatically be assigned to an email and/or text drip campaign.  Most if not all Real Estate CRMs offer the capability to setup drip campaigns that send emails, texts or both periodically to your designated contacts.

A powerful way to harness the power of the Open House Wizard is to also have the newly added contacts from your Open House be assigned to an ‘Open House Drip Campaign’.  The methods for setting up custom drip campaigns vary by the CRM itself.  We have documented the steps to setup a drip campaign for some of the CRMs we support, check out our ‘Tips & Tricks’ link from the above menu to see if setting up drips for your CRM is listed. We also recommend sending the 1st drip email 4-5 hours after the contact is created so the 1st email is sent after the open house.