Send Open House Visitors a Welcome Email (instantly).

This is a good trick.  You can setup an automatic ‘Welcome to the Open House’ email and/or text to be sent to your Open House Visitors the minute they sign-in.  This message can contain information on the property, pictures, a link to the tour, your info and picture and anything else you can think of!

To do this:

EMAIL Only Users: Just go to the Open House Styling Page, then click on the link ‘Send your Visitors a Welcome Email.  Make sure to enable the email by clicking the checkbox then clicking Submit.  You can also customize the email that goes out to your visitors, just use the ‘Edit the Welcome Message’ section the page.

CRM Version Users: 1st check out the post on creating an Open House Drip.  Once you have a handle on how to setup an open house drip campaign within your CRM then you are ready to go.  The trick is to add an email and/or text to your Open House Drip Campaign that gets sent out IMMEDIATELY to your newly created Open House Leads.  Format that welcome email anyway you like with pictures, links etc.  Change it & customize it for each open house before you do them.