Notebooks, Laptops, PCs & Open Houses – How to Use any of those for Your Open House Sign-ins

If you’d like to use a Notebook, Laptop or PC for your Open House Sign-ins, here is how to use it successfully at the Open House.

Open House Wizard can run on pretty much any platform, Windows, Apple IOS, Android, Chrome and more.  As long as you have an Internet or Data connection and a browser.

So – 1st of All, you need a data or Internet connection.  If your Notebook/Laptop or large tablet has built-in data service from a carrier such as Verizon, Sprint or any other then you are good to go. If not, check out our Data Connection Tips page for information on how you can get a data or Internet connection on your device.

2nd of all we also highly recommend using an external keyboard for tablet devices. It makes the Open House Sign-in experience much easier and professional for your visitors.  For information on using an external keyboard checkout our tips page here.

The 3rd item we would mention here is that you also need to have an Open House Wizard Account.  If you do not have one, click here to purchase.

Ok you get all of that, now its time to talk about using your Notebook/Laptop/PC or Tablet to run the Open House Sign-ins!

At the Open House, find a good spot to place and position your Notebook/Laptop/PC or Tablet for convenient access by Visitors.
TIP: Make sure to bring a power cord and extension cord for your Notebook/Laptop/PC or Tablet as well as for your smartphone.


Open the Browser of your choice such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or others, it should be on the main screen of your Notebook/Laptop/PC or Tablet as shown in the picture.



Browse to the Open House Wizard website ( and choose Login from the main screen. (Tip: You can bookmark this login page to make signing in faster next time)  Login with your chosen username (chosen during purchase), your password and then click the ‘I’m not a robot checkbox’.  You may be asked to verify items.  This is just for security.


Next you will find your self at the ‘My Account’ Page.  The top part of the page is where you can change settings such as your logo, the Welcome to the Open House text on the sign-in page and other items.  Below that are all of the options for running an Open House.


Choose your desired Open House color scheme from the menu and your Open House Visitor Sign-in & Welcome Page will appear. If you are using a limited account such as ‘Demo’ or ‘Free’ client, use the buttons at the bottom of the page to run your open house.


That’s basically it!  Let your Open House fly….  There are a couple tips & pointers  –



You will notice two gray buttons on the top and bottom left side of the screen.  The top button will allow you to logout (when the open is over) or it will allow you to access the Account page if you wish to change anything on the Open House Sign-In Page.  This would require that you login again for security reasons, otherwise someone at the open could change your settings which might not be that great. 🙂

The bottom left button ‘Clear Page’ does exactly that.  If for some reason during the open if there are un-submitted text maybe, you may wish to reset the page to blank again by clicking this button.



IMPORTANT TIP!  You can also make the top bar and lower bar disappear so all you see is the Open House Sign-In Page.  In most Windows browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome) you simply do this by pressing the F11 key.  If that does not work, try a google search for your exact browser and the key words would be full-screen mode or remove address bar (the top bar) and/or taskbar (the bottom bar in Windows).



Here is what the Open House Sign-In Page would look like after pressing the F11 key.  To go back seeing the upper and lower bars again just press F11 again.