Notebooks, Laptops & Larger Screen Devices – Tips & Tricks – Remove the Top & Bottom Bars

While using a Notebook, Laptop, PC or Larger Screen Devices such as an Android Tablet for your Open House Sign-ins you may have noticed there is an address bar at the top & for some devices such as Windows devices a Taskbar at the bottom of the screen.


These top & bottom bar take up screen space and may be distracting to Open House Visitors while signing in, so it is a good idea to maximize the screen size during your Open House to make the process as professional as possible.



You can make the top bar and lower bar totally disappear so all you see is the Open House Sign-In Page.  In most Windows browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome) you simply do this by pressing the F11 key.  If that does not work, try a google search for your exact browser and the key words would be full-screen mode or remove address bar (the top bar) and/or taskbar (the bottom bar in Windows).

Above is what the Open House Sign-In Page would look like after pressing the F11 key.  To go back seeing the upper and lower bars again just press F11 again.