Macbook Pro & Mac Tips & Tricks – How to Run in FULL Screen

While using a Macbook Pro, or any Apple Mac device for your Open House Sign-ins you may have noticed the address bar at the top in Safari gets in the way and detracts from the Open House Wizard Sign-in page

This larger address bar takes up more screen space so it is a good idea to maximize the screen size and go FULL Screen during your Open House to make the process as professional as possible.


Very simply, you need to maximize your Safari Browser’s screen. To do this click the upper right arrow on the top right of the browser window.


You may notice that there are tabs with other webpages you may have been viewing showing on your browser window, so we need to remove those extra tabs also.


To do so, click the ‘x’ on the left side of each tab to close them, leaving only the tab with your open house sign in page showing. After that the tabs bar will disappear.



One important last note: If you encounter a login screen when using the Open House Wizard Sign-in page, make sure to check the ‘Remember Me’ box so you do not have to enter a password every time.