Liondesk – How to Setup an Open House Drip Campaign


IMPORTANT – You must have already setup your Liondesk account to receive your open house leads, if NOT click here to do that 1st
You have done that, but one thing is missing… That’s right, an Open House Drip Campaign!


Liondesk – How to Setup an Open House Drip Campaign

1. Login to Liondesk

2. Click on the Marketing link on the left, then click the ‘Add Folder’ button at the top, then name the folder something like ‘Open House Drip Campaign’ then click Save

3. Now we create the emails in the drip, in Liondesk they are called ‘Templates’, to create the 1st email in our drip, click the ‘Create Email Template’ button on the top, then fill in a description (I like to name it in the sending order, such as ‘Email #1’ etc.), fill in your subject such as “Thanks for coming to my Open House Today”, then add the body of the email
4. Before saving make sure the Folder name (in the pulldown menu) under the email you are creating is the name of the Open House Drip Campaign folder you created in step one, then click the ‘Save Template’ button at the bottom
5. Continue creating the desired emails you would like in this drip campaign
6. Once finished with the email templates we need to create the drip campaign itself

7. To create the drip campaign click the ‘Auto Pilot Drip Campaigns’ tab at the top, click the ‘Add New Autopilot’ button at the top and name it something like ‘Open House Drip’, then click the ‘Save New’ button

8. Now click the ‘Tasks’ Button next to the autopilot name that you just created

9. Click the ‘Add New Task to Drip’ button then choose a task type (for our example we will choose ’email contact’), choose the Open House Drip folder we created (containing the open house drip emails), then choose the 1st email in the drip which should be a ‘Welcome to the Open House’ email and it should be set to send Immediately. Then the 2nd email timing for sending could be 270 minutes which should be 4 and a half hours after the signup), continue adding emails and setting the timing such as 1 day later, 2 days etc.
10. Once finished we need to add the Open House Drip Campaign to the lead distribution for it to work
11. To add it to the Lead Distribution, click the Settings item on the left, then click the ‘Lead Distribution & Team Settings’ tab at the top
12. Next, Setup Liondesk as a Lead Source
13. 1st Go to Settings then click the Tab ‘3rd Party Integrations’, then enable ‘Zapier’ as shown below:
14. Then Add a New Lead Source by Clicking Settings / New Source – You can Name it ‘Open House Wizard’ or something similar
15. Next go to the Lead Distribution Tab, Choose Zapier from the pulldown menu, then click ‘Add new lead routing’
16. Choose the Source which is the name you did in step #14 (Open House Wizard maybe?)
17. Choose your Drip Campaign that you created earlier
18. Choose Individual from the Distribution setting and click Save, after that you should see the Zapier lead provider on the list with your source and drip campaign
19. That’s it!