Ipad Tips & Tricks – Making the Address Bar in Safari at the Top Smaller

While using an Ipad for your Open House Sign-ins you may have noticed the address bar at the top in Safari is sometimes bigger than others.

You can also remove the Address Bar totally and go FULL Screen, to do that instead Click Here for Instructions

This larger address bar takes up more screen space so it is a good idea to maximize the screen size during your Open House to make the process as professional as possible.


If you see these square or rectangular looking boxes at the top of your Open House Sign-in Page there is an easy way to get rid of them.


These are Safari Tabs and show that you have other website pages currently open in the Safari Browser. To get some of the address bar space back, simply click on each open tab, then click the round ‘X’ on the left side of each tab to close it.  Once all are closed except for the Open House Wizard Sign-in Page you will notice the address bar is back to its normal size.