Android Tablets & Open Houses – How to Use one for Your Open House Sign-ins

If you are using an Android Tablet for your Open House Sign-ins, here is how to use it successfully at the Open House.

1st of All, you need a wifi connection.  If your Tablet has built-in data service from a carrier such as Verizon, Sprint or any other then you are good to go. If not, check out our Data Connection Tips page for information on how you can get a data or Internet connection on your Tablet.

2nd of all we also highly recommend using an external keyboard for Android Tablets and other tablet devices. It makes the Open House Sign-in experience much easier and professional for your visitors.  For information on using an external keyboard checkout our tips page here.

The 3rd item we would mention here is that you also need to have an Open House Wizard Account.  If you do not have one, click here to purchase.

Ok you get all of that, now its time to talk about using your Android Tablet to run the Open House Sign-ins!

At the Open House, find a good spot to place and position your Tablet for convenient access by Visitors.


Open the Chrome Browser, (if you do not have or see Chrome, use whatever browser you have) it should be on the main screen of your Tablet as shown in the picture.


Browse to the Open House Wizard website ( and choose Login from the main screen. (Tip: You can bookmark this login page to make signing in faster next time)  Login with your chosen username (chosen during purchase), your password and then (if asked) click the ‘I’m not a robot checkbox’.  You may be asked to verify items.  This is just for security.


Next you will find your self at the ‘My Account’ Page.  The top part of the page has a large ‘Run an Open House’ button, just Tap or Click. 


Your Open House Visitor Sign-in & Welcome Page will appear but not full screen.  To make it full screen click or tap the 3 dots on the right top.


From the drop down menu choose ‘Add to Home Screen’.


Click the Add link on the dialog box that opens.


You Will Now See a New Icon on your Desktop, so from now on use that to Run your Open House Sign In Page.  If you ever have an issue with the icon, just delete it and repeat these steps to add it back again.


Congrats!  You will now see the Open House Sign In Page FULL Screen. …  Good Luck with the Open House!


You may notice that there are two gray buttons on the top left and bottom left of the screen.  The Login / Logout button at top left will allow you to logout at the end of your open house, or it will also allow you to login to see your Account Page.  This could be useful if you want to change something on the Open House Sign-In Page.  You can change the color scheme, the Welcome text as well as the Logo or Image used on the Open House Sign-In Page from the Account Page.